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Which Companies Choose Artificial Plants Wall as Their New Products Line

Search for artificial plant walls in Google search trends, and you can find that artificial plant walls are rapidly occupying the market. In the space where people live, whether indoors or outdoors, the fake plant wall has become the best choice for people to get close to nature because of its simple installation, low maintenance, and lifelike characteristics.


Why Companies Choose Artificial Plants Wall as New Products Line


As people discovered the advantages of artificial plant walls, their demand gradually increased. Whether in private residences, corporate or shopping malls, fake plant walls have quickly entered people’s lives and gained a firm foothold in the market. The development of modern society has accelerated, and people’s lives have become busier. It has become a common requirement for people to find live plant substitutes that need no green thumb. With a series of advantages such as realistic appearance, UV protection, long-lasting maintenance with proper protection, and low maintenance costs, artificial leaf walls have become the first choice. Therefore, there are more and more companies selling artificial plant wall panels.


Which Companies Choose Artificial Plants Wall as New Products Line


It is not only artificial plant companies or artificial plant suppliers that can choose artificial plant wall decoration as a new product line. People are not limited to looking for popular artificial products at fake plant companies. If you search in google, you’ll be surprised how many companies sell artificial living walls. So what specific companies will sell it? The following is a general description of these companies based on the results of Google search.


  1. Grass Company


When you browse artificial lawn companies, you will find that they also sell artificial plant walls. In any case, the artificial plant wall is matched with artificial grass well, which is more decorative and integral.

Take easigrass as an example. We can see a series of indoor or outdoor scene graphs for simulated plant walls.

artificial vertical garden in grass company


  1. Retail Platform


Retail platforms are also places where you can buy fake foliage walls. Such as Home Depot. Because of factors such as convenience, cost-effectiveness, and purchase volume, many residential users or store operators choose to browse and purchase plant walls on retail platforms.

fake greenery wall in retail platform


  1. Furniture Industry


The popularity of artificial wall plants indoor is getting higher and higher, and many people will choose a suitable artificial wall plants according to the overall style when purchasing furnitures. Therefore, platforms that sell home furnishing will also have many styles of plant walls to choose from. Such as home furnishing retailer: wayfair. You can find many styles, such as artificial boxwood hedges.

faux plant wall in furniture industry


  1. Supermarket Chain


Many people may not think that chain supermarkets will also sell artificial plant walls. But it is like Walmart. Open Walmart’s official website in Google and search for keywords of artificial plant walls. You can find many popular styles of plant walls.

artificial greenery wall in supermarket chain


  1. Project Design


Project design firms provide a wide range of landscaping and landscaping services. More and more clients are asking about indoor artificial plant wall and outdoor artificial plant wall in project design. Obviously, it is an inevitable trend for design companies to choose artificial plant walls as a new product line. Take aflorika for example.

artificial leaf wall at project design company


  1. Living Plant


Living plants have environmental requirements and high maintenance costs. And not everyone has the time and skills to take good care of them. Faux plants are a common choice for homes, businesses, etc. that lack a green thumb. It is a smart choice for a live plant wholesaler to develop artificial plant wall panels as a new product. Take lowes as an example.

artificial plant wall in living plant platform


As plant wall decoration has become a popular trend, more and more platforms choose it as new products. If you want to buy artificial plants wall, there are many platforms to choose from. Feel free to contact us.

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