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What Is The Best Artificial Privacy Hedges?

If you are a manager of a company, you feel that the office is very monotonous, and you want to add some colors without too many costs; or you are a design company, and you are contracting the exterior wall work of a shopping mall; or you have an independent garden, want to add some privacy to yourself, but refuse to use heavy concrete walls…. how do you choose what?


2022 Artificial Hedge Design Trends

More and more homes, buildings, businesses, and landscapes choose fake plants, such as artificial privacy hedges. Unlike real plants, the leaves of fake hedges do not require watering, fertilization, and sunlight; they will not wither due to the change of seasons; they will not attract any unpleasant bugs or animals. If you are busy every day, or if you are in an environment without the sun, then they are perfect for you. The advanced technology of artificial plant suppliers can already make the leaves of hedges have a realistic appearance and bright colors. Using high-quality fresh PE, there is no cheap feeling of plastic, and you will not have any bad experience because you are buying artificial products.


Everywhere we walk, we can sense that biophilic design is growing in popularity and will continue to do so. The artificial fence is realistic in appearance, easy to install and suitable for various occasions. Buildings that are being refurbished will be blocked by artificial fences, which are both beautiful and safe; large fake fences are installed on the walls of the cafe, as if it is a green oxygen bar in the noisy city; the wedding company chooses the artificial plant wall as the background wall. Put photos, balloons and other decorations on the fence for secondary creation, and they can be recycled to save costs…

synthetic plant screen decoration ind


Best Artificial Privacy Hedges


Hedges are great for delineating boundaries, adding interest, or creating privacy. These natural plants can be grown naturally, or artificially trimmed in shape. Fast-growing hedges can easily define boundaries or provide privacy in your garden. Choosing a fast-growing hedge can save you time and money. Your hedge can be beautiful with regular trimming.


Loropetalum shrubs are fast-growing hedges, and their purple foliage always stands out against the prevailing green in the garden. They grow best in full sun.

loropetalum shrubs for privacy outdoor


Philadelphus is an especially fast-growing hedge. It grows well in both sun and shade. If left unchecked, it will quickly reach a height of over 12 feet. So pruning is very important.


Laurels are a classic choice for creating a green hedge in the garden. Its large, glossy green leaves create a dense border, perfect for implementing your landscaping ideas.

artificial plant wall outdoor


Maybe you want to create an ecological garden and like wild birds to visit your garden, then the hawthorn tree is a good choice. But this shrub grows slowly, and it is recommended to plant in early spring if you have enough time to wait for it to grow. If you choose to set up a hedge, pruning is always after flowering.



Camellias are widely used in shrub borders, backgrounds, and hedges. The hot summer months should be avoided when growing camellias. Soils for growing camellias need to have two important characteristics: slightly acidic and well-drained. As evergreens, their leaves stay green year-round. This means that they are great for integrating into one’s own concept of garden privacy when choosing them as hedge plantings.

camellias bushes for privacy


Evergreen shrubs and trees provide the best protection for your garden without compromising your privacy by dropping leaves in the fall. But if you don’t want to spend time waiting for them to grow and prune them, and full-grown hedges are too expensive, fake hedges can also provide privacy, among other things. The artificial hedge can always remain evergreen, avoiding the embarrassing phenomenon of yellowing and wilting leaves due to the season.


5 Artificial Privacy Hedges Ideas


Artificial Privacy Bushes

There are many benefits to incorporating artificial shrubs both indoors and out. You don’t need to worry about attracting pesky pests or remember to water and fertilize them for maintenance. When choosing fake shrubs for your interior, take into account the size of the space you want to decorate and the desired effect. The size of the artificial bushes chosen should fit the available space and not appear crowded by the chosen shrub. In addition, there are many types of artificial shrubs, choose according to the style of your garden or scene.


Boxwood Privacy Screen

Boxwood fence is classic among those faux fences. If you look closely at our product brochures, you can see that its leaves are small and compact, with almost no gaps. If our purpose in choosing a faux screen is to protect our privacy, then it is always right to choose a boxwood privacy hedge.

faux boxwood privacy screen


Artificial Privacy Hedge Plants

No one dislike a cup of tea or a barbecue with friends on the balcony. But if there is nothing to block it, it will feel insecure. The development of technology and the use of high-quality materials make artificial privacy hedges look like the real thing. Sunwing has a range of different artificial hedges including boxwood, laurel, and more. Thanks to faux Plant manufacturing technology,these precious greens can still be found in buildings made of concrete.


Artificial Privacy Trees

Can a fake tree be chosen as a privacy hedge? The answer is yes. Maybe you will find it incredible. But a lot of clients already do this. Faux trees such as bamboo trees work especially well for large windows in public or commercial fields. These synthetic trees are beautiful privacy screens when other things like shutters don’t fit.

artificial privacy tree


Benefits of Using Fake Privacy Hedges


  1. Provide Privacy from Neighbors

Buildings are generally very close together these days, so we are all emphasizing the importance of privacy. But now people are not only pursuing privacy but also aesthetics. The synthetic fence has a realistic appearance. When we install hedges in our yard, it not only provides us with privacy but also cooperates with other plants or decorations in our yard. Therefore, the demand for privacy hedges is getting higher and higher.

artificial hedges for privacy from neighbors


  1. Easy to Take Care and Maintain

Real plants need to be handled with care. If we don’t buy plants that are matured, we need to plant and spend time waiting for them to grow. We also water and fertilize during this time. But artificial plant walls don’t need that. Not only do they not require long waits, but they can be dusted regularly with a damp cloth or feather duster.


  1. Provide Cost-Effective Security

Artificial hedging provides effective security for our security needs. Not only do they fill in empty or cluttered areas that we are not intended to be open to the public, but they also provide even privacy for our homes. They can protect our property from strangers, cars or other elements. Overall, artificial hedges are cost-effective and safe.


Application scenarios


1. Install a plant wall on the exterior wall of the building, which is eye-catching.

fake leaf wall on buildings


2. Artificial Potted plants and plant walls are a good combination.

Artificial Potted plants and plant walls combination


3. We can safely place the fake plant wall by the pool because they can coexist well with the water.

artificial privacy hedge by swimming pool


4. The artificial leaf wall is used at the wedding, which can be used as a background board for taking pictures.

artificial wedding plant wall backing


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