ClickCease Ultimate Guide to Artificial Hedge Import From China

Ultimate Guide to Artificial Hedge Import From China

Do you want to source artificial hedges that are not available from any suppliers in your local? Might you want to import complete products to resell? Suppliers in China will offer artificial hedges with lower prices and wider varieties than your competitors. This guide will give you a comprehensive introduction to artificial hedge import from China.



What’s the Latest Trend of Artificial Hedge Import

Rising Artificial Hedge Import Frequency

According to the customs data 2020, the USA artificial hedge market’s import frequency is still higher than in 2019, though affected by the epidemic, indicating great values and prospects of this industry. There is no doubt that you can make a profit from it.

Here we’ve listed the trend of popularity over 5 years:

artificial hedge import frequency

Top 5 Regions with Strong Search Interest

As shown in the picture(source from google trend), the top5 search volume regions of “artificial hedges” are Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Coincidentally, many reports point out that global artificial hedge supplier giants are distributed in Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North America. Therefore, it provides the direction for next-year transformation and upgrading of foreign wholesalers, retailers, and even interior design companies.

top 5 search volume regions

More Eco-friendly and Safer Product Material

The materials used to make artificial hedge can be PE, fabric, PVC, etc. Among them, polyethylene has become the first choice for manufacturers because it’s affordable and recyclable. New trends like the demand to have your plants protected from the sun have led to new UV-treated artificial hedge ranges popping up.

As people pay more attention to health and safety, more artificial hedging suppliers tend to produce lifelike fire retardant hedges and plants, ideal for display in commercial events such as an indoor exhibition center, shopping malls, and other indoor events.

Trendy Factory-direct Faux Hedge Supplier in China

When most B2B faux hedges traders take delivery and time into consideration, they prefer local purchases. But if consumers have a huge demand for hedges, they will turn to reliable manufacturers from other nations. China, the largest exporter of the world’s production, sent 18 percent of its exports to the United States last year. Compared to traditional trading companies, the factory-direct suppliers can produce and deliver large quantities of goods with more profitable wholesale pricing.


Why Import Artificial Hedges Instead of Real Ones

  •  Long-lasting

Artificial hedges are not affected by changes in seasons. They can survive in almost any condition. The lifespan of artificial greenery with UV protection is notably longer.

  • Easy to Care

Fake hedges require less attention and care when compared to real ones. They don’t grow, don’t need regular pruning, watering, or fertilization. All you have to do is remove intermittent dust or clean up normal sediment.

  • Cost-friendly

Artificial is cheaper. There are no replacement costs because faux plants never die. Even the installation cost of artificial hedges is less than real ones.

  • Various Options

When choosing the artificial fence, you will have almost the same amount of options as real ones. They always look more realistic. So the next time your customers attend a meeting, they will assume that these plants are real without contact.


Why Import Artificial Hedges China

1. You can import artificial plants from Chinese factories at a highly competitive price.

2. China has locally available raw materials, lower labor costs, lower taxes and duties, and more relaxed government regulations.

3. Artificial plants manufacturers China has large-scale efficient production.

4. Chinese factories have proven their ability to produce and supply products ranging from low-quality to high-quality.

5. It’s easy to import fake hedges and plants from China.


How to find Audited Artificial Hedge Manufacturers In China

China is today the world’s largest manufacturing economy and one of the most competitive countries in the world. In the past 10 to 15 years, China was initially motivated by its ability to provide low-cost labor and materials in many other competitions, including infrastructure, preferential policies, a vast consumer base, and established supplier networks. The driving factors have developed rapidly and continue to grow stronger. Its production capacity ranges from low-cost commodities to more advanced products. Therefore, it is not surprising that China has the most artificial fence production lines.


Tips to Find a Reliable Artificial Hedge Supplier

Many new importers engaged in artificial hedges feel confused while looking for trading companies or manufacturers (factories). Sourcing a manufacturer is a decision worth considering, especially in the long term.

Tip 1. Choose artificial hedges wholesale factories

Firstly, factory-direct products’ quality and price are relatively stable; however, a middle man not. Secondly, it would be best for a supplier to have an experienced export team, saving you a lot of unnecessary trouble. After confirming, the MOQ at the time of purchase should not be too low because if the quantity is small, it is likely to buy the artificial stock plants.

Tip 2. Check for hedge materials

Some unscrupulous manufacturers use lead, mercury, or other toxic chemicals in their products to save money. Besides, hedges made with recyclable materials will crack and fade away much more quickly than durable plastic.
At Sunwing, we don’t sell fake plants made of cheap and harmful plastics. Our products are SGS certified and ROHS compliant.

sgs certification

Tip 3. Ask for samples or references

Use search engines and other platforms of Chinese suppliers, such as Alibaba. When the manufacturer looks promising, please contact them. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples or references. If the manufacturer is trustworthy, they will provide these products without a doubt. Sunwing’s sample room consists of several exhibition booths about hedges, landscapes, topiary decorations, etc. We are ready at all times to send out free samples.

Video travel to Sunwing Artificial Hedge & Plants Showroom ⇓


Tip 4. Pay attention to product warranty&guarantee

Here in Sunwing, our factory is equipped with experts who devote themselves to adding UV additives to artificial plants for the best UV performance. Our artificial boxwood hedges with a 3-5 years warranty are proved to reach 4-5 grade UV protection of the international SGS standards.


Reasons to Choose Sunwing Artificial Hedging Factory

Sunwing Artificial Hedging Factory Capacity

  • Sunwing has been devoted to the export and manufacture of artificial plants since 2003.
  • We apply strict inspection standards to our production process to guarantee our product quality.
  • Our factory accepts OEM & ODM. The R&D team will assist you in the whole customization process.


Top 3 Exported Styles of Faux Hedges

Artificial hedge products will continue to be popular in 2021. From home interiors to commercial spaces, the color/size/shape can make all the difference. Apart from diverse kinds of artificial hedges panels, we also provide hedging plants.


#1. Artificial Hedge Panels

sunwing artificial hedge panels

Sunwing artificial hedge panels are manufactured in a 50 x 50cm panel and can be cut, bent, and adhered to virtually any surface, whether flat or contoured. We use different foliages like boxwood, pine leaves, fern leaves, gold leaves, etc., for customizing hedges panels that will obstruct unsightly views, create a privacy barrier or an illusion of greenery.


#2. Faux Topiary Plants

sunwing artificial topiary plants

Artificial topiaries consisting of artificial hedges leaves are manufactured with LDPE (low-density PE) and sometimes with iron inside for stability. They are popular not only in theme parks but also in landscape exhibitions. Sunwing specializes in the manufacture and export of topiary plants in the following shapes: letters, numbers, animals.


#3. Artificial Plants Wall

sunwing artificial plants wall

If you always dream of having a vertical garden but don’t want to spend days or lots of money maintaining it, these mixed artificial plants are for you. A fake plant wall can instantly spruce up the décor and aesthetics of the place. Our greenery walls are inspired by nature, manufactured with various options for designs, products, packaging, and foliage sprays.


How to Import Artificial Hedging From China

Here’re several things to consider before importing artificial hedging:

a. Think about the kind of relationship with your supplier

Building a relationship with overseas suppliers requires a large investment of time and money. It may not be worth choosing a new supplier for a relatively small one-time purchase.

b. Take into account possible risks

  • Assess the financial stability of the supplier. If the supplier goes bankrupt, you may suffer significant losses.
  • The goods that you are looking to import must meet your country’s safety requirements. Local standards may differ from each other.
  • When dealing with overseas suppliers, if delivery is incomplete or faulty, it may take a long time to deliver a replacement.
  • You might face problems in the supplier’s country, such as new export restrictions or taxes.

c. Confirm your import plan fits with your business

For example, the quality of products you import and the service you get from suppliers in China can significantly affect the quality and service that you offer your customers. Remember that you’re paying for investment when sourcing artificial hedges suppliers. Low-priced plants need long-term maintenance or frequent replacement, even disturbing after-sale issues. Therefore, cheap is not always best; you get what you pay for.

d. Decide whether to use an agent

You will not need an agent if your supplier is handling customs clearance and delivering to your premises. Many international trade businesses are carried out by agents, including purchasing, sales, transportation insurance, advertising, etc. Based on the agreement stipulates and transaction conditions, the dealer represents the principal to carry out various business matters in the designated area within validity.

Sunwing dealer program aims to achieve a win-win cooperation relationship with overseas distributors:

  • Provide attractive commissions and discounts on selling our artificial hedges plants.
  • Put our dealers’ business on top of everything and offers priority on the lead time of orders.
  • Whenever our distributors encounter technical issues with the website, Sunwing will not tolerate the second.
  • Instead of regular clients, our dealers receive priority in the up-to-dates and first samples.



Hope all the information mentioned above can help you a little bit concerning artificial hedge import from China.  You can read these FAQs to learn more about Sunwing Artificial Plants Factory.

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