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Top 5 Artificial Plants: Customers Choose to Import from Sunwing

Sunwing was founded in 2004 and is a Chinese Factory of artificial plants, artificial hedges, and artificial grass. We only sell business to business. Our largest customers are Chain Store, Wholesalers, Distributor, Importer and Trader in the high-end market.


Top 1. Artificial Grass


Sunwing starts the artificial grass business and quickly gains a strong reputation for high-quality products, with a well-established loyal following of commercial and domestic clients. Artificial grass, including artificial grass for landscape, artificial grass for sports.

artificial grass business


Landscape Grass

Our artificial landscape grass can be used in commercial and residential areas for landscaping like a garden, exhibition, roadside, green island, etc.

Sports Grass

Our artificial sports grass provides a fresh feel for playing and outstanding performance with consistent ball bounce and roll.


Top 2. Artificial Hedges


Artificial hedges are products derived from artificial leaves combined with fence walls and form the newest artificial hedges panels. As synthetic grass and faux plants factory with the technique and R & D advantages, we are the second manufacturer to start producing artificial hedges products.

artificial hedge market analysis

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The primary market of artificial hedges is U.S. and U.K. in 2008; now if you are in the artificial plants industry, you will find more and more people start to sell artificial hedges in their market. According to our sales data, Artificial hedges Sales Volume has exceeded our lawn products.

Is it still the best opportunity to enter the market? Of course, artificial hedges panels are in a period of rapid product development. According to The 4 Product Life Cycle Stages (PLC), artificial hedges now is in the second stages.


Top 3. Artificial Plants Wall


Artificial plants wall is an upgraded version of artificial hedges. All we must know garden. And now artificial plants wall create a vertical garden for you. Amazing! So since faux green wall products are brought to market, our regular customers place orders from 20GPto 40GP. Now, she imported 20 x 40HQ from us.

artificial hedges container loading


Top 4. Artificial Potted Plants


If you’d like to import Indoor decoration plants, artificial potted plants are the best choice you put in your container. Own 3000+ artificial leaves and flowers; Sunwing can meet any requirement about artificial plant styles.

artificial potted plants


Artificial Potted Hanging Plants

Artificial trailing plants require no extra space. They can be placed anywhere with stable pots, such as the locker and the bookcase. The soft branches are full of drapes, having beautiful curves. The leaves are small and delicate, and the blades’ luster makes them look full of life.

Floor Artificial Potted Trees

Artificial floor plants are perfect for showcasing the beauty of nature throughout a home or office. The lush foliage paired with a holding container can give each dull room a fresh and attractive look.

Small Potted Faux Plants

This type of simulated potted plant usually comes in smaller sizes. Compared with other home decorations, it will not be affected by climate change like real plants. You can select both flowerpot styles and product styles from us.


Top 5. Artificial Flowers


As the artificial flowers industry keeps expanding, there is no doubt that you can make profit of it. There are no replacement costs because faux flowers never die. It’s worth an investment to start your artificial flower business.

artificial flowers


Artificial Flower Wreaths

Artificial floral wreaths can make the finishing point on entryways, living rooms, and more. When visitors come to visit, they will immediately leave a remarkable impression of the front door’s garland. Otherwise, if business owners are planning for the offices or building decor, vibrant wreaths add atmosphere.

Artificial Flower Bouquet

Maybe you’re looking for something eye-catching, colorful, or stunning for weddings, and holiday parties. Well, look at our artificial flower bouquets. At Sunwing, there are more than 3000 kinds of flowers to design for the bouquet.

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