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Top 3 Aspects You Need to Know About Moss Wall

Sunwing supplies moss wall to trader, only business to business. Preserved moss As an element of interior design, it is favored by designers. Moss wall is a work of art. Sunwing talented handmade a series of moss wall panels and moss frames.


What is Moss Wall?

A moss wall is also called a green wall or a living wall made by preserved moss. Moss wall decor does not require any water, soil, and dirt. The type of moss wall is living, maintained, or mixed. According to the application, Hang a living moss wall outdoors only. Hang a preserved moss wall indoors.

preserved moss


A preserved moss wall is easy to create. You also can make mixed moss wall panels by adding air plants or succulents to your preserved moss wall. These plants don’t require much water, so you won’t risk damaging your walls.


How to make a Moss Wall?

Before you design a moss wall, You must first have a blueprint, then prepare tools like the below. What tools you need is decided by your works.



  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Sheet moss
  • Preserved reindeer moss
  • Dried branches(optional)
  • Dried floral elements (optional): sponge, mushroom


 Choose the type: living, preserved, or mixed


moss wall decor

Living moss walls require watering, which can be damaged to your wall. A preserved wall is easy to design and hold. A mixed moss frame is your best choice.

Choose or create a frame. Once you’ve decided on the type of wall, you’re going to develop, and it’s time to get a frame.

Once you decided to make a moss wall, it’s time to choose a frame. For a preserved moss wall, you can attach plywood to the backside of any structure. For a living wall, it’s best to get a soil-less garden wall kit. And for a mixed border, you should choose a plywood base, assuming you’re adding a few living plants to your moss wall.


Choose your plants. Now it’s time to pick your plants

When you start to design your moss picture frame, you need to choose the Accessories plants, such as dried branches, succulents, flora.


Assemble moss with your plants


Time for the fun part! When working with preserved moss, this couldn’t be simpler. First, use a staple gun or wood glue to attach the plywood to the frame. Then get creative and imagine how you want the elements arranged. Create your piece of abstract art, combining different elements, textures, and colors. Use hot glue on dried parts and preserved moss.


Maintain Moss Frame Art

Preserved moss walls are so easy to maintain. You hardly have to do anything! Because the moss is dry, you don’t have to water it at all. To keep your art piece looking beautiful, add new pieces of moss if any of them fall off or begin to lose their luster.


moss frame art

Any living plants, such as air plants or succulents that have been included in a moss wall, will need to be lightly sprayed or removed from their moss sheet pockets, watered, and then placed back.


How long do moss walls last?


Preserved moss is a moss that is no longer alive and has been chemically preserved and repurposed for decorative purposes and artistic medium. Preserved moss brings powerful, natural energy to any setting.

Most moss walls usually last about ten years. Life can be extended to about 25 years if you’re rigorous in maintenance and give it a protective spay every so often.



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