ClickCease Top 10 Artificial Potted Plants Imported From China Factory

Top 10 Artificial Potted Plants Imported From China Artificial Plants Factory

Many new importers engaged in artificial potted plants feel confused while looking for trading companies or manufacturers. At Sunwing, a leading Artificial Plants Manufacturer in China, you can choose from a vast collection of plants that exactly resemble real-life plants to level up your interior design. In this blog, we will ensure you pick the best artificial plants imported from China.

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Our Top 10 Picks:


Typical Artificial Areca Palm Plant In Pot

Artificial Areca Palm Potted Plants


Most Popular Artificial Plant For Interior Design

Since the Victorian era, the typical palm plants have been used in homes, hotels, offices, and other real estate properties, stunningly lush with a realistic appearance.

  • Lifelike Waterproof Leaves

Sunwing fresh-looking artificial areca palm trees come in lush green and visibly textured leaves. No matter where you put it, this faux palm plant in pot is resistant to water and rain, so you won’t worry about it cracking and decaying.

  • Adjustable Structure

The stems of plants are adjustable to spread out due to the iron wire inside the plastic material. We suggest that you gently part the branches for a broader view once you receive artificial plants.


Artificial Potted Bamboo Plants

Artificial Potted Bamboo Plants


Artificial Bamboo Plants In Pot Are Privacy Screens

Take advantage of bamboo’s natural beauty can block out unwanted views. Besides, tall artificial bamboo plants in planters will provide a flexible and temporary choice for screening large spaces.

  • Different Sizes & Types Available

At Sunwing, we have a wide range of artificial bamboo trees ranging from 2ft to 7ft to customize different sizes and types with the same high quality.

  • A Cost-effective Solution To Divide Spaces

Enhance the atmosphere of any residential or commercial space is the most straightforward function. Let your imagination run wild! You can add a beautiful, lush backdrop or spatial divider to any restaurant, hospital, or park with Sunwing easy-to-move silk bamboos.


High-quality Faux Potted Olive Tree

High-quality Faux Potted Olive Tree


Artificial Olive Plants Increasing Varieties

Today there are over 500 varieties of olives; despite the different sizes, shapes, or styles, we’d like to cover more as possible in our production line.

  • Symbolic Of Peace, Wisdom, Victory

The olive tree, also known as Olea Europaea, is one of the most beloved, sacred trees, and its place is firmly rooted in Ancient Greek tradition and mythology. It is a sign of peace, a symbol of friendship, reconciliation, wisdom, richness, and victory, so nowadays, more people prefer an olive indoors and outdoors.

  • Suitable For Both Indoor & Outdoor Decoration

The artificial olive tree with a pot or a planter adds a few touches of nature and design flair. From small to large dimensions, Sunwing customized fake olives play a vital role in interior decor or outdoor landscaping.


Large Artificial Plants Tree Traveler Banana

Large Artificial Plants Tree Traveler Banana


Easy to Move Artificial Potted Plants Tree

Many customers hope to move trees to their office spaces. However, due to space constraints, indoor planting of trees is not a very feasible operation, so these easy-to-move large artificial potted plants is another trend for interior design.

  • Bring Nature Indoors

There’s nothing better than walking into an office or a living room filled with greenery. This kind of potted artificial tree plant with traveler banana foliage can make boring spaces full of vitality and freshness.

  • Require No Maintenance

Instead of real potted plants, fake plants in pots are easy to maintain. Due to no need for watering, pruning, or feeding, regular dust clean is necessary, they can remain evergreen without being exposed to sunlight or watering.


Everlasting Artificial Monstera Pot Plant

Everlasting Artificial Monstera Pot Plant


Internet Celebrity Of Botanical World

Native to Mexico but found in the likes of Hawaii, and Seychelles, monstera can transport you to warmer climes. Based on its convenience, people widely use these fake potted plants in office areas, hotel lobbies, shopping malls, hospitals, etc.

  • Stay Green Throughout The Year

These trees with Monstera Foliages do not need watering and sunshine, nor need to remove insects or clean up the soil that fell during transportation, saving a lot of time and energy. They can stay green, allowing you to feel the presence of nature throughout the year.

  • Attract Wealth & Vitality

In China, a lot of people believe in a geomantic omen called “Fengshui”. Put such a generous plant on the diagonal corner of the living room entrance to bring wealth and fortune. At the same time, greenery and vibrant shape can add vitality to the home and boost people’s moods.


Fake Green Banyan Potted Trees

Fake Green Banyan Potted Tree


Part Of The Fig Tree Family

The Banyan Tree is India’s national tree and is part of the Fig Tree family of trees. Most customers use our potted banyan trees to add an inviting feel and warm tones to their projects.

  • Stunning Touch Like Real Trees

We all restore the leaves on these trees one-to-one based on real plants’ appearance. For example, we use the silk cloth to make small, but exquisite fake banyan tree leaves.

  • Longevity & Well-being

The banyan tree is considered the symbol of immortality. It has aerial roots that grow down from its branches, forming additional trunks and anchor the tree to the ground. Older banyan trees are ideal gifts given to the elders, representing longevity and well-being.


Decorative Plastic Cycas Palm Plants

Artificial Cycas Palm In Pot


  • Blooming Cycas Palm Leaves

Its overall shape is narrow at the bottom and wide at the top. Its stem is something like a thick cylinder without branches. Around the top of the stem, dense leaves protruding like a keel, the shiny dark green. Depending on the size, the degree of opening and closing of the canopy will vary, and it looks like an iron tree blooming.

  • Suitable For Combining With Other Plants

Because it is easy to mix with real plants or other fake plants, many people are willing to use it as decorative landscaping in countries with suitable climates.


Multicolored Artificial Pampas Grass

Artificial Pampas Grass in Pot


Rich Colors Fake Pampas Grass

This eye-catching pampas grass comes in a variety of natural pampas colors, which can be a symbol color of the four seasons. Lovely pink means lush spring, while yellow symbolizes autumn. Other colors are also available for diverse occasions.

  • Premium Materials

For one thing, the tip of pampas is silk to keep hyper-realistic in colors and textures. For another thing, we process the stem in paper-wrapped iron, ensuring durability and vividity.

  • Current Home Decor Trend

Artificial pampas grass bulk purchase offers great value for your home or wedding decoration with a chic boho style! Faux pampas possess the same look as natural pampas grass, but they last longer and cost less in home decor; the best part, no shedding!


Realistic Indoor Faux Snake Plant

Realistic Indoor Faux Snake Plant


  • Tiger Stripes Leaves Simulation

The artificial sansevieria plant’s whole body is filled with plastic leaves, which can maintain the appearance’s stability without being too hard. The dark green leaves have tiger fur-like patterns. If you don’t observe, you can hardly distinguish it from real plants.

  • Artificial Sansevieria Plant Indoor Application

The snake plants are not as bright as other plants, which are more suitable for some elegant environment, such as studies, living room and office place. In addition to regular styles, we can also provide artificial gold-rimmed snake plants and some other sizes, which can be used in different sizes of spaces and environments.


Artificial Tall Dracaena House Plant

Artificial Tall Dracaena House Plant


  • Common Decorative Household Potted Plant

Dracaena is a common indoor decorative plant suitable for home & commercial spaces. Artificial plant pots perfectly comply with a range of commercial areas, including offices, amusement parks, corporate buildings, and hospitality spaces.

  • Create Harmonious Atmosphere

Putting it in the living room or next to the stairs at home can protect the family’s health and promote family harmony. Please put it in the corner of the company lobby or at the entrance, implying that business is booming.


Import Wholesale Artificial Potted Plants From China

Most artificial plants & flowers & trees are manufactured in China. You’d better source Artificial Plants in Pots Suppliers on the online/offline channels, like

  • Made-in-China, Alibaba, Global Sources, Google Search Engine
  • Trade Fairs, Industry Exhibitions, Forums

Here’re some reasons to choose Sunwing as your Artificial Plants Supplier

artificial potted plants manufacturer

  • Factory-direct Price

Sunwing provides factory-direct prices to consumers. The price varies according to the types or quantities of products you order. It also depends on whether you are interested in bulk artificial foliage or custom artificial plants. Please contact our Sales to get MOQ & pricing details.

  • Well Certificated

Sunwing’s factory is certificated by SGS, ISO, Eurofin, and other authoritative organizations. Our products are heavy metal free, flame retardant, waterproof, UV resistant.

  • Strict Quality Control

Sunwing has developed a set of unique quality control system specifically designed for our products. We are serious about quality and always keep standards high. All goods will undergo strict inspections at every step from production to delivery with professional tools.

  • Premier Bespoke Collections

Sunwing offers custom-made artificial plant products for customers in need, such as UV protection & fire-retardant options or the OEM, ODM service.


Sunwing Artificial Potted Plants Range

#1. Medium-to-large artificial potted trees
#2. Small office artificial plants in pots
#3. Mini artificial potted plants
#4. Artificial topiary trees and plants



The ten artificial potted plants mentioned above are the most popular options among our customers. We are here to serve with the best business one-stop plan.

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