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The Ultimate Guide: Artificial Plants 2021

Artificial Plants are in an explosive trend in 2021. Through 2020, People are prone to spend more time and cost on the household. Some studies have proved that artificial plants are suitable for physical and mental health. So we received customers’ bulk orders and also win many prospects to ask to want to know more about artificial plants products and market in 2021. This article will help you. Let’s a drive-in.


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What are fake plants made of?


Most artificial plants are made of P.E. in the market, as you see on Target and Kmart’s website. The others materials are polystyrene, ceramics, foam, and metal.   80% of faux plant material in the world is plastic.


artificial plants material


Besides, berries and seeds can be molded from plastic and painted colors to look realistic. Besides plastics, artificial plants and flowers may incorporate other materials such as paper, silk, or even polyester. Things like wires and glue often hold artificial plants and flowers together, making for an artistic and generally somewhat realistic appearance.


3 Tips to distinguish the quality of artificial plants


Are fake plants flammable?


For Artificial indoor plants, Safety is the most critical issue. Suppose you choose fake plants for indoor decor. When you source this product from the supplier, please request a fire protection certificate. Fire retardant artificial plants will not ignite or spread fire and are one less item to worry about when compiling your fire safety checks.


artificial plants Firproof UVResistant



Do fake plants fade in the sun?


Fake plants for outdoor, you need to consider ” is it ok to put artificial plants outside” especially when your customers ask you this question, Anti-UV certificate is the best proof. An untreated artificial plant that is kept in full sunlight will fade and crack over time. To do this, use a can of U.V. protection spray to dust the leaves, stems, blooms, and other parts of the plant.


Artificial Leaves looks natural-looking


Each artificial plant can find a prototype in nature. Through observation and comparison, you will discover if this supplier you can trust. Cheap plants may look good from one angle, but appear thin and limp from another, so turn the plant around to see if it looks full (good) or too narrow (bad). Another way, pull on the leaves and see if they stay attached (good) or come off quickly (bad).


Where is the best place to get fake plants?


This topic is suitable for individual consumers. We’ve rounded up the best places to buy fake plants online, local store, chain store.

  • Target.
  • Amazon.
  • Hobby Lobby.
  • Nearly Natural.
  • Home Depot.
  • Wayfair.

We cooperate with some chain stores within different regions, such as COSTCO Wholesale.


How long do artificial plants last?


The majority of people choose fake plants because Real plants can often be very time-consuming. So The lifespan of simulated plants is another issue they care about. Indoor fake plants last two years, outdoor artificial plants depend on if the plants are U.V. Treated or U.V. Infused. It’s about the production process.


Why are fake plants good?


According to our experience, When we have natural plants at home or office, those live plants become dead plants despite our best intentions. About for artificial plants, there is no need to maintain and cost-low. They’ll never outgrow their pots, the leaves will never droop down and turn yellow, and there’s no need to worry about watering or fertilizing. They’re also pet-safe and child-safe. Like any living plant, artificial plants can work wonders for any decor situation.


Artificial Plants Market


Sunwing has been in the artificial plants and artificial grass industry for 18 years. So we have a full complete artificial plants market report for all customers. Start a business, Data research, Targeted market, Marketing channels are in advanced.


The knowledge of faux plants


The knowledge of faux plants


Different material, Prices are uneven. When you purchase artificial plants from China, you need to know your target customers and the application occasions. Wholesalers and distributors tend to care about package and product diversity. Chain Stores Pay more attention to the supply capacity of the manufacturer and competitive price.


Major operators in the market


  • Treelocate Ltd
  • The GreenHouse, J. S. Flower Company Limited
  • Nearly Natural
  • Commercial Silk Int’l & Plantscape Inc
  • Sunwing Industries Ltd

These players are expected to positively influence the market during the forecast period.


Market Segmentation


  • North America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • The Middle East and Africa

When I search Import data, The Artificial Plants importer are over 1200 from China, and about 700 Purchasers are U.S. importer. Second, India is about 200 purchasers.


The artificial plants prospect and challenge

artificial plants trends


Changing weather conditions result in it is not easy to grow natural plants. The increasing demand for artificial plants or imitation of beautiful rare flowers results in the growth of this industry. This is an excellent opportunity for the players in the fake plants and flowers sector.

The challenges the companies face are the difficulty for users to switch to artificial plants as it does not have the advantages that natural plants offer, like purification of the air and oxygen emission during the day. Though, Rapid improvement of the production process and raw materials is environmentally friendly.

Sunwing will pay attention to the Global Artificial plants and flowers Market  Outlook with all prospects in the future. Create a better industry.


Sunwing Faux Plants


If you want to import from us, you deserve to have our professional team and premium products. There is a guide Top 10 Artificial Potted Plants Imported From China Artificial Plants Factory.


Sunwing artificial plants categories:


  1. Artificial hedges– The newest and top seller in market from 2014
  2. Artificial Potted Plants– 100+ varieties artificial plants in pot
  3. Artificial flowers Wreath– Sales King for Christmas Shopping Season
  4. Artificial Plants wall– Popular in markets such as Australia and the U.K.


Recently, some customers have feedback that some artificial potted plants can not win an entire product catalog, Too many products and do not list all, please contact us to get all products information.


Conclusion: Sunwing Artificial Plants and artificial grass factory in China export to worldwide. Looking for overseas wholesaler, distributor, retailer, importer and trader.

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