ClickCease Full Guide: How To Install Artificial Hedges onto a Fence or Wall

The Full Guide: How To Install Artificial Hedges

Do you want to transform a wall or fence into a realistic-looking artificial hedge? In this blog, I will show you how to install artificial hedges in a matter of minutes!

Before installation, please ensure that:

1. Your tools are ready, like pens, long tapes, zip ties, scissors, hammers, drills, screws, etc. Which tools are needed depends on the type of surface you will attach your faux hedge.

2. Your panels should have an easy-to-snap-lock system, which helps interlock tile panels without additional instruments. As the following picture shows, all Sunwing artificial hedge panels can be easily separated and reattached to form almost any size you want.

easy-to-snap hedge panels

3. Measure the area and draw out your plan for the placement of your artificial hedges.

4. Figure out how many panels will be needed to cover your fence or wall, and then plan how you can install the panels.

After confirmation, let’s read this Installation Guide to artificial hedge wall!


How to Install Artificial Hedges onto Timber Fences?

Tools needed: cable ties, scissors, long tapes

Install Artificial Hedges onto Timber Fences

STEP 1. Measure the fence where you want to install the hedge.
STEP 2. Use the cable ties to connect hedge panels as the size you need.
STEP 3. Connect the hedge as the size you need, and notice the same direction of the hedge.
STEP 4. If the hedge size is bigger than your fence, you could cut the panels to match the fence.


How to Attach Faux Hedges to Metal Fences?

Tools needed: timber beams, zip ties, scissors, screws, washers

attach artificial hedges to mental fences

STEP 1. Attach timber beams to the metal fences approximately every 40cm.
STEP 2. Use screws to affix the beams vertically to your fence at the top and bottom.
STEP 3. Separate your artificial hedging mats or cut them with a pair of scissors to fit the size.
STEP 4. We suggest using about 12 screws and washers per meter panel of hedge walls to attach faux hedges to your mental fence.


5 Steps to Install Artificial Hedging onto Concrete Walls

Tools needed: pens, drills, cable ties, scissors, screws, band tapes

Of all the ways to install artificial hedge walls, attaching hedges to surfaces like concrete or brick has the most steps, but it’s not as difficult as you thought when you actually do it.

Artificial Hedges Installation for Concrete Walls

STEP 1. Firstly, measure the wall size with a band tape and work out the exact quantity of the grid panels and artificial hedges needed. Then, cut the grid panels into suitable sizes according to the wall size.

STEP 2. Calculate the estimated punching position in advance and mark it on the wall. Use an electric drill to punch a hole at the marked position and fix the panels with expansion screws.

STEP 3. Collect the hedge panels together to a suitable size by using a snap-to-lock system. (Please notice the same direction)

STEP 4. Roll up the hedges for easier storage and handling.

STEP 5. Use the plastic cable ties to fasten the hedging panels and cut the extra parts of cable ties with a scissor.

We recommend you watch this video to get complete installation steps ⇓


Installation Tips For Artificial Hedges on Wooden Walls

Tools needed: hangers, zip ties, scissors, long tapes

before & after installation of artificial hedge walls

STEP 1. Follow the same technique of measuring.
STEP 2. Fix the hedges together as your required size.
STEP 3. Make the no trace hanger firm on the fixed point with a hammer.
STEP 4. Hang the mats on and trim the extra zip ties with scissors to finish the installation.


Why Add Sunwing Artificial Hedges to Your Fence or Wall?

Adding artificial hedges to your fence not only brings out a sense of beauty but helps you gain privacy without worrying about the prying eyes of the neighbors.

Here we’ve listed some benefits of Sunwing Artificial Hedges ⇓

SGS Certified Quality 

In contrast to other factories, Sunwing artificial hedge screening is under the guarantee of certificates by SGS. If you are a business owner and willing to apply faux plants on your wall covering projects, this quality certificate is necessary for indoor decor. Contact us to check our test report and know more details.

sunwing artificial plants SGS

Long-lasting Greenery

No matter where you integrate into practical application, Sunwing can promise the warranty of these hedges. With great UV protection, our products can keep a green performance for 5 years indoors and at least 3 years outdoors.

UV Treated Foliage

Safe to Use

Worryingly, some household items aren’t treated to be fire retardants, but anything will burn given sufficient stimulation. So the fire-rated fake plants are the first choice for safety. Sunwing can provide hedge panels with level B inherent flame retardant, which have passed the National Fire Prevention Association 701 test.


Bespoke Service Available

At Sunwing, OEM and ODM are both welcome. Regardless of the color, size, packaging, logo requirements, do not hesitate to contact our sales representative. You determine your needs; our dedicated worker will fulfill them.

Low Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, it is effortless to do. Faux hedges and artificial plants do not require water, sunlight, nor special care. All you have to do is remove intermittent dust or clean up normal sediment.



Now you know how to install artificial hedges. With the added privacy and beauty of an artificial hedge on your fence, you will enjoy all the benefits of hedges once they are attached. Sunwing is more than just an artificial hedges manufacturer. We also have all-around sales to provide you with excellent design and solutions. That’s why we concentrate on leading the way with premium life-like artificial hedges & plants. Do not hesitate to get free catalogs and samples thru

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