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The Complete Guides: Import Artificial Plants and Flowers From China

Artificial plants are gaining popularity in homes and commercial settings. Artificial plants and flowers are pretty common now in our daily life. You probably see them every day but never realize that they are fake. This article will help you know better about faux plants. In the artificial plant industry, such as the wholesale/retail business, this will be the best guide for importing artificial flowers in bulk from China. A company selling artificial plants starts with identifying a reliable supplier who will offer quality products and deliver your artificial plants on time.


Why artificial plants are so popular


Artificial plants have grown in popularity over the last few years. They are wildly popular for outdoor and indoor decoration.

One of the main reasons for the growth in artificial plant popularity is technological advancement allowing artificial plants to resemble real plants. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between natural and artificial plants.

Faux Plants Sort



wholesale faux plants


Why import artificial plants from China 


 When do you want to enter the artificial plants and flowers industry? The first question you should consider is: Where to import artificial flowers? China, Vietnam, or Singapore? China is the best choice. As we all know, China owns one of the largest markets for artificial plants and flowers. Every year, the export volume of faux plants increases, bringing China more opportunities for artificial flowers. Second, Compared with other countries, China defeated viruses successfully, and the factory quickly resumed production, guaranteeing fast delivery for your goods.



Artificial Plants and Flowers Market Entry Strategy


Global “Artificial Plants and Flowers Market” report provides a comprehensive market assessment for the forecast period (2021-2026). By analyzing Artificial Plants and Flowers market growth, size, share, drivers, and restraints that significantly impact the market, Increase your confidence and expectations in this industry.

Before adding a new product line, you need to acknowledge the TOP MANUFACTURERS in this industry, including their production, price, revenue (value).


Main Artificial Plants Supplier online and offline:


  • Inter IKEA Holding BV
  • Natural Decorations Inc.
  • Nearly Natural
  • JamaliGarden
  • M and S Schmalberg Inc.
  • Pacific Silk Plants
  • New Growth Designs
  • Charles Lubin Co. Inc.


Geographically, the detailed analysis of consumption, revenue, market share and growth rate, historic and forecast (2016-2026) of the following regions are covered:


  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • South America
  • Middle East and Africa


 Via above artificial plants market and region, you will get enough confident in business.


Import Trends & Analysis: Artificial Plants From China to India


 India is one of the primary markets for artificial plants and flowers. India’s artificial flower business blooms. In India, the total natural flower business covers 60 percent of the floriculture market, artificial flowers contribute 30 percent of the total turnover, and dry flowers take up 10 percent.


Import Trends Analysis Artificial Plants From China to India




As shown by data, 50% of artificial plants are imported from China to India. And E-commerce is also very developed best in India, and Some Indian merchants sell fake plants via websites and Amazon.


How to Select the Artificial Plants That You Want


The next step to begin your faux plants business is to select the styles of artificial plants, Which is very important. Master the direction of the product market trend, and This is the premise of sales.

There are different kinds of artificial plants and flowers in the market, and you need to know how to select the one you want. Manufacturers in China may lack innovation. That is to say, and they produce products according to specific designs or patterns. The question is how to select your products. You can refer to websites like Pinterest, Tumblr, or other referential websites, where you can see the products and be sure of the design you want.


artificial plants and flowers pinterest


How to import artificial plants and flowers from China


There are some steps you need to know before importing from China.


Determine your budget


The first step to importing artificial plants from china is to determine your budget and how much you are willing to spend. Next, choose the quantity you need to import. These two factors influence your inquiry. Artificial plant manufacturers in China will offer a more considerable discount on your order’s size. According to the quantity of your order, the price will be different. There is a minimum order quantity(MOQ).


Determine your desired product


Find out the types of artificial plants you are looking to import. Learn about the different products on offer for you to make the best choice.


Main type:


Indoor Plants – meant to be placed inside residential or commercial buildings

Outdoor Plants –designed to be more robust to withstand weather elements.


Make sure to import unique products as many larger retailers will stock the most common products. The less common and uncommon artificial plants will give you an edge against your competitors, which will help increase your ROI.


Calculate profitability in advance


When you import artificial plants, you will have a variety of costs.

The first is the overall cost of your purchase. Depending on your order size, you can get a more significant discount for each project. And helps to increase your profit margin.

Second, there is a shipping cost. If you choose International Express, Sea freight may cost you anywhere from $200 to $300 for every 1m3 packaging.

All of this will increase the final packaging cost. Analyze your sales price and potential packaging cost to determine if it will be profitable.


Find and locate a Supplier


Where to Find Artificial Plants Manufacturers and Suppliers in China? Wholesalers of artificial plants are in different cities and provinces in China.

Most products manufactured in China have their original, and the artificial flowers are so. Whether you are in China, searching for suppliers on the Internet, such as, you need to pay attention to the location of the supplier. Through my experience, China’s manufactured artificial plants are mainly in three places:


Zhejiang and Yiwu—One of the Largest Artificial Flowers Wholesale Market

Guangzhou and Dongguan—Where Middle and High Ended Artificial Plants have Mainly Produced. Guangzhou primarily produces silk artificial plants and flowers.

Jiangsu Province—-Artificial Grass Manufacturers are there.

Shandong Province– This area tends to focus on plastic artificial flowers.

Once you have determined the type of artificial plant you need, you can locate your wholesaler by starting your search in a city that predominantly produces your desired artificial plant.


There are several ways to locate your ideal supplier:


B2B trader platformsAlibaba, made-in-china.These are an excellent choice for order sizes valued between $100 -$1000.

Search engines: Google, Yahoo. Type artificial manufacturers in China and Google will produce a list of potential suppliers.

Social media platforms: Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram

Artificial Plants Fairs: China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), Shanghai International Simulation Plant Flower and Accessories Expo. These big Fairs can help you find a professional Supplier.


Evaluate the different Suppliers


When you locate your suppliers, you must search for several suppliers as your alternative. So these steps are a must. Assessing suppliers is a comprehensive technology.

At this point, you may have a list of potential vendors. Choosing a suitable person is critical to your business success.

First, assess the business history of each supplier. The longer the supplier is in the business, the more reliable suppliers are more reliable. Go to the supplier for at least three years.

Consider the main customer base of the supplier. If you want to introduce people into the United States, you want the supplier to build a customer base in the United States. They can provide you with the best deal and make sure your parcel reaches you every time.


Request samples


One of the best methods is to determine the best way of its product quality by requiring samples. Reliable suppliers are given to you beyond your willingness. After all, the products in the image may eventually look different. Confirm your selection to make sure it represents the artificial plants you plan to buy. This way also ensures that the sample is your request.

Provide your supplier with information about the address of the sample. Do not forget to require suppliers to mark pieces as “samples: no business value.”  This will save you payment during imports.  In addition, you also specify suppliers that you need a working sample, which will help ensure you get quality samples. It also communicates to your supplier, and you will evaluate quality.


artificial plants samples


Once the sample is completed, and the video call is requested to view the example. If it looks good, please continue to order a sample.  Remember, you will pay the sample fee.  If it is a factory product, you usually only pay to ship. However, if you are customized products, you will pay for samples and shipping.


Confirm order details with the supplier


Before the start of production, confirm that all order details are confirmed. Confirm the details of the offer, which includes all terms and incoterms that surround orders. It makes sure you and your suppliers are before production.

The preferential time is essential because it ensures that your artificial plants arrive in time, and customers do not have to wait. For most products, it takes 20-30 days to complete production. Special orders and products may take up to 60 days. So it is vital to understand the delivery time.

Finally, consider payment methods. Most suppliers of China prefer wire transfers. However, your suppliers can also provide various other payment options, such as PayPal and Visa, allowing you to choose a convenient and vendor.


Perform quality inspection and shipping arrangement


Your supplier should have a low defect rate. Otherwise, your business may suffer and lose our customers.  That’s why you should conduct quality checks.

One way to realize quality tests is to buy and hire their independent quality inspector through Alibaba.

The second way is to search for the quality inspector from Google search supplier position. Third-party quality inspectors charge from $ 200 and $ 300 a day.

Finally, you need to arrange to ship. You have four options:


  •       International express delivery
  •       Airfreight
  •       Sea freight
  •       Rail transport


As a small package of small enterprises, we recommend international express or sea because they are affordable and convenient. International express delivery usually takes seven days to ship from China to the United States. Sea usually takes 30 days of goods from China to the United States.


Customs Clearance


You need to display files during customs clearance. The documents required for China’s export customs clearance are:


  • contract
  • commercial invoice
  • packing list
  • Bill of lading
  • Certificate of Origin


Your import customs clearance also needs to view files, including the files listed above. Learn more about your import customs clearance needs to clear your parcel. In addition, please note that you also need to pay the customs. You can find a variety of tariffs in USIT.




When you do import business from China, You need to require careful evaluation. The above advice is for your reference.


how to import artificial plants and flowers from China

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