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As China’s leading preserved moss manufacturer, and exporter, Sunwing provides reindeer moss wholesale, framed moss, preserved moss wall art, and other custom moss walls, that could be incorporated within either domestic or commercial space.

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Preserved Moss Wholesale

Sunwing has progressively become the professional manufactory of preserved reindeer moss, framed moss wall art, and artificial moss walls since 2013. We focus on providing specialized projects for the global market in many industries, including horticulture, building materials, supermarket, interior decor, restaurants&hotels, and landscape design.

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    Preserved Reindeer Moss Range

    The preserved moss is a natural moss that is no longer alive and has been carefully preserved for decorative purposes. It brings nature indoors and enhances business value because of its numerous benefits.
    We mainly supply three styles of reindeer moss used in preserved moss walls:

  • Single-Color Moss Wall Panels
  • Mixed Color Reindeer Moss Preserved
  • Framed Moss Art Wall
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    Moss Art Wall For Indoor Decorative Uses

    Sunwing's beautiful and fluffy moss walls are created by our highly skilled designers. Moss wall decor is a beautiful combination of living plants and an artistic masterpiece. From wall-mounted moss art pieces to large green vertical walls, we can satisfy all your requirements.

  • Preserved Moss Office Wall
  • Large Moss Wall Garden
  • Custom Moss Logo Wall for Company
  • Moss Picture Frame DIY
  • Reindeer Moss Art Wall in Restaurants
  • Moss Green Wall for Home
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    Reindeer Moss Wall Panels

    Reindeer Moss Wall Panels

    • Material: Natural Fresh Moss
    • Back Material: EVA
    • Regular Size: 50*50 cm/piece
    • Package Size: 51*51*6.5 cm
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    Preserved Moss Bulk

    Preserved Moss Bulk

    • Material: Natural Fresh Moss
    • Dye Materiail: Reactive Dyes
    • Color: Up to 22 Colors, Customizable
    • Package Size: 500 g/box
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    preserved moss frame for christmas


    • Material: Reindeer Moss + Pine Cone
    • Frame: Polystyrene
    • Diameter: 32 Cm
    • MOQ: 100 Pieces
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    Preserved Moss Wall Art

    DIY Circle Moss Art Piece

    • Material: Reindeer Moss + Preserved Plants
    • Frame: Aluminum Alloy
    • Diameter: 40 Cm
    • MOQ: 50 Pieces
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    artificial mood moss

    Artificial Mood Moss

    • Material: Foam + Nylon wool
    • Shape: Moss mat, ball
    • Package Size: 57*102*50 cm, 30 pcs/ctn
    • MOQ: 50 Pieces
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    artificial duckweed moss

    Artificial Polka Dot Duckweed Moss

    • Material: Iron Wire, Plastic, Silk Cloth, Coconut Palm Wire
    • Regular Size: 100*100 cm, 50*100 cm
    • Package: 25 pcs/ctn, 40 pcs/ctn
    • MOQ: 100 Sqm
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    Moss Wall Art Photo Frame


    • Material: Reindeer Moss + Real Wood Root + Cement
    • Frame: Aluminum Alloy
    • Regular Size: 30*40 Cm
    • MOQ: 50 Pieces
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    Moss Picture Frame DIY

    Moss Picture Frame DIY

    • Material: Reindeer Moss + Preserved Plants
    • Frame: Aluminum Alloy
    • Diagonal: 40 Cm
    • MOQ: 50 Pieces
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    Sunwing reindeer moss is dyed to over 20 different colors and is easy to install and maintain indoors. It can be featured on surfaces like walls or floors for urban landscapes or commercial applications indoors. Easy to install and nearly maintenance-free, our moss walls will be one of your best green decor choices!


    Preserved moss, especially reindeer moss, is currently popular trends among interior greenery. Sunwing is a leading China preserved moss manufacturer, and supplier, exporting moss products to over 50 countries worldwide.

    What’s our Strength to make a Difference?

    • Sunwing’s factory has rich experience in preserved natural moss and artificial moss supplies with a strong ability of 100000 pieces per month.
    • We provide competitive wholesale prices while keeping a high standard of quality control. OEM & ODM services are available.
    • We offer custom sizes and a variety of plant materials. If you have the desired graphics or styles, please provide us with drawings. Let us know the size of moss panels and frames that you want. Then our sales will reply to you within 24h.


    Preserved Moss Quick Advantages

    sunwing preserved moss

    Dust-free and water-resistant. Our preserved reindeer mosses are made with the collected natural mosses; Our reindeer mosses can be installed indoors to absorb sounds and moisture.

    Low-cost maintenance. A traditional living wall requires a lot of natural light and even when you give it proper light and water, you still need to spend much time and cost for ongoing care. One of the biggest advantages of moss walls is that they require little cost and maintenance.

    Available in up to 22 colors. We have over 20 different colors to choose from, which can be utilized in a number of ways for corporate branding, unique interior design, or daily decorations.

    Creative or DIY designed moss in frames. We provide creative designs such as moss logos and signs for customization or customized holiday style moss in frame. You can enjoy the design you desire by enhancing the preserved moss wall with fresh flowers, ferns, and foliage that have undergone a suitable conservation process.

    Easy to construct and assemble. Sunwing reindeer moss is easy to install indoors. It can be featured on surfaces like walls or floors for urban landscapes or commercial projects. You can read this blog to know the complete steps and all tools needed to build your moss walls.


    How Your Business Benefits From Wholesale Moss Wall


    Firstly, we invite you to know the top 3 aspects of moss wall. Besides adding natural-looking greenery to your interiors, moss walls can have numerous benefits in business environments. Have you considered using preserved moss bulk to grow your business?

    Here we explain how our moss walls provide attractive benefits:

    • Create attractive design to grow the brand

    The addition of a natural preserved moss wall to buildings, the halls, meeting rooms, corridors, or reception areas sends a message to visitors and staff alike that the company pays attention to the urban greenery and human well-being. Simultaneously, the visitors will feel welcomed and comforted by a beautiful impressed design, promoting future business cooperation.

    • Increase employee’s productivity & well-being

    For companies that want to enjoy the benefits of greenery but worry about floor space, moss walls are great choices. In 2013, Exeter University did a study, the result showed Green offices increased well-being by 47%, creativity by 45%, and productivity by 38%.

    • Attract more customers to your business

    For example, with tougher competition than ever before, making your restaurant have more traffic is critical. If you’re looking for a solution to distinguish your business from others right now, why not try our ultra-light, long-lasting, and easy-to-install wooden moss board and PVC moss panels? Some restaurant owners say that “the whole vibe feels different” when greenery is present.

    • Reduce noise levels in urban areas

    Moss walls can be helpful in dampening noise. They act as a natural sound buffer, especially in large office buildings or other urban areas. Not only will the noise created inside the office be reduced, such as echoes from printers or fax machines, but the extra noise pollution from the outdoors be absorbed as well.


    Top FAQs about Sunwing Preserved Moss


    Q1. Are your reindeer moss panels still alive?

    Preserved reindeer moss is not “alive,” but rather is carefully preserved for decorative purposes.

    Q2. Does your moss need water or light?

    Sunwing’s preserved moss does not require water or light, and will not grow. A light spray will help with any dust build-up.

    Q3. What is the difference between reindeer moss and other mosses?

    Reindeer Moss– Also named reindeer lichen, deer moss, and caribou moss, reindeer moss is an important food for reindeer (caribou) and has economic importance as a result.(source from Wikipedia). It is resistant to cold, growing in arctic lands, and will get hard and turn brown(meaning dormancy) when it first dries out.

    Mood Moss– It grows in thick, large clumps and gets its name by the temperamental appearance. To preserved mood moss, you may have seen a few displays in high-end hotels, residences, restaurants, gyms, or even pools.

    Sheet Moss– This type of carpet moss grows to form a sheet-like coverage over rocks and soil.

    Fern Moss– It may refer to several varieties of moss that produce feathery fronds and can form a moss carpet across grass or bare patches of ground.

    Q4. How is preserved moss different than living wall moss?

    There isn’t much difference at all in the look and feel between the two. Our preserved moss retains the soft texture and vibrant colors of living moss, maintaining the integrity of its natural details.

    Q5. What is your minimum order quantity?

    We do have minimum order guidelines; however, MOQ can be flexible according to the specific request.

    Q6. How long do your preserved moss walls last?

    Our moss walls usually tend to last over 5 years for interiors. Of course, as long as individuals take the precautions into account, they will last longer without fading.

    Q7. How to maintain an indoor moss wall?

    • Clean dust regularly.
    • Keep away from direct sunlight.
    • Not to let the temperature drop below 10C.
    • keep the humidity in the room from exceeding 70%.



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