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Pampas Grass Decor Ideas Complete Guide

Nothing pops up an otherwise dull room, like a gorgeous stalk of a few artificial pampas grass plant. You may have come across this beautiful subtlety online or otherwise. This stunning new trend seems to be taking households by storm. The elegant long stalk and the graceful feathery top gives the room it’s placed in a very airy, minimal and chic look. Want to hop on the pampas grass bandwagon and grace your home with it? We have got you covered! In this article, we will share some incredible pampas grass decor ideas and other necessary information you’ll require when decorating your home with it.

If you are trend to start Pampas grass business and want to know where to purchase it, how much it costs and know how to condition it to  keep it from shedding. Consider our this article your one-stop educational resource to learn everything you ever wanted to know about this popular plume. This year, we start to produce faux pampas grass,which with dried tones and textures of fake plants. And I actually think that can be quite beautiful.

As someone who’s always been inspired by their environment.You will find Pampas Grass at play in our inner city apartment. These free-spirited textures had always had a place in my heart, which is why I think I was so drawn to Pampas Grass.


General Pampas Grass Information

artificial pampas grass


  • Realistic Color
  • Handcrafted Production
  • Premium Silk Tip
  • 100% Eco-friendly
  • Paper-wrapped Iron Stem
  • Not Easy to break


Colours & Varieties Available


Natural, although plumes can be sprayed to achieve the desired colour.


In Season


Pampas Grass blooms from September until February, although it is generally available year round.


Vase Life

Up to 3 years.


What Style Of Decor Is Pampas Grass?


Although this beauty of a stalk(or grass?) can elevate the most boring home design, it is undoubtedly a minimal, rustic and boho style of décor. It goes great with your contemporary style interior. With an artificial pampas grass plant, you will never run out of options no matter what style or decor you choose. Whether you’re going for a Hollywood glamour with white painted walls, luxurious décor and velvety furniture or if you want to amplify those beige, white and brown colors in your living room, artificial pampas grass would do the trick. Adding this gorgeous grass stalk in a modern, minimal room can create a very airy look. Open the Pinterest app, and you’ll see pampas grass gracefully enriching a boho interior or a boho wedding. So grab a few stalks of this scene-stealer for your next seasonal upgrade.


artificial pampas grass plant


How Long Does Fake Pampas Grass Last?


Ideally, the actual pampas grass can last up to 3 years. Good thing it can go without water as well. A little hairspray  now and then saves the gorgeous feathery top from shredding. A fake or dried pampas grass can last for decades until it is worn out and damaged. To give it an airy new look, spray it with hairspray once in a while to keep it looking fresh and preventing the plumes from shredding.


Artificial Pampas Grass Arrangement:


There are many ways in which you can arrange this beautiful artificial pampas grass. As told above, it’s an excellent option for your seasonal home upgrade. Here are 5 ways to turn your home into a piece of art with pampas grass.

1. Oversized vases:


oversized vases! There are a thousand things you can do with them. No matter what kind of interior or decor you like, big vases never go out of fashion. Put those lovely pampas stalk in an oversized vase and plop it in the corner of your room for a classy look. Those feathery leaves will surely light up your entire space.


2. Add that pampas-pizzazz to your table:


There is a reason why people love putting dried flowers at the centre of their table. They look so amazing at the tablescape. Similarly, a beautifully arranged pampas grass in a glass jar or a vase will amp up an otherwise dull room. Combine this with decoration pieces such as a glass tray with candles in it, a beautifully lit minimal chandelier hovering above the table and a pastel-painted wall to give your space a sophisticated appeal.


3. Near a standing mirror :


Try adding that boho and contemporary look to your room by placing that oversized vase with pampas grass we talked about earlier near a floor mirror. It will add a beautiful and graceful look with a tinge of minimalism if that’s what you’re after.


4. A DIY pampas Christmas tree…yes, please!


This holiday, shrug off that boring Christmas tree and instead light up your living room and make your guests go ‘wow” with a beautiful pampas grass Christmas tree. With a bit of effort and a lot of scourging, you can create a full or a table-top Christmas tree. See this tutorial on how to make your own artificial pampas grass decor Christmas tree.


5. A combination of dried flowers:


No doubt, artificial pampas grass décor looks stunning on its own but to add that extra can always arrange it with different dried flowers and stalks! To give your living space an additional ‘wow factor, you can arrange a bunch of dried flowers in a vase or a glass jar and can place it on the console near the entryway or in your bedroom. See how Ashley of Modern Glam creates this beautiful fall dried flower arrangement.


Pampas Grass Bouquet Wedding:


Pampas grass is a must-have décor item when it comes to boho weddings. This trend has taken people by storm and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. The beautiful colored stalk and feathery top are favoured by most brides on their wedding day. Looking for something other than regular flowers? Fret not, dear fellow brides. Pampas grass has got your back. Pampas grass bouquet especially has been on people’s wedding wish list for quite some time. So Hey, brides! Ditch that dull bouquet for an amazingly arranged pampas grass bouquet. Whatmore pampas grass comes in different yet few colors, so you have pretty good options up your sleeves. You can also go for a combination of other flowers with pampas grass for that extra pizzaz.


Wholesale Artificial-Pampas-Grass-for-Wedding-Decoration (1)



We have posted some 5 pampas grass bouquets for weddings that will make you feel like a queen while walking down the aisle :


1. A combination of white roses and pampas grass:

Make your own luxurious yet elegant bouquet by combing white roses and a few stalks of pampas grass. The combination of white and beige is going to make the whole bouquet scream boho and elegant.


2. Roses, Green stalks and pampas grass :

To give your wedding bouquet a dreamy and romantic look, add some red roses and green leaves stalk together with pampas grass decor. This stunning, romantic look will add elegance to your wedding attire and the environment and will scream “love”. See this red roses and pampas grass arrangement by Maximum Bloomage on how to get a rustic and romantic bouquet look.


3. Pastel tones with dahlia, tulip and Calla Lilly:

Add some pastel tones to your pampas grass bouquet with a combination of dahlia, tulips and calla Lilly. Such soft and feminine tones are hard to ignore and will surely catch everyone’s eye at the wedding.


artificial pampas grass supplier


If you’re also captivated with this ultra-trendy grass, consider our Pampas Grass for sourcing, styling, and maintaining these free-spirited, feathery plumes!

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