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Latest Featured Artificial Plants Projects from Sunwing

Who wants to work or live in a boring place with tasteless, lifeless walls or ceilings? Absolutely, no one. Decorating your home or offices is one way to elevate the mood of these places. And what could be a better way to do this than bringing in fresh green plants. Also, many people prefer being close to nature but sometimes it is impossible to take out time from your busy schedule and focus on nature. Do you believe that getting close to nature has now become easier and easily accessible?


Sunwing has come to the rescue. We are an artificial plants manufacturer in China and have sold artificial plants to more than 110 countries. Now, why do people prefer artificial plants over real ones? The answer to that is quite simple. Artificial plants compared to real ones, do not require attention and care all the time. They can be kept in any environment and condition. In addition to that, Sunwing produces plants that have a soft texture and resemble closely to natural ones.


Here we will be discussing some of the latest featured projects from Sunwing which you should consider for your living or workspace:


Artificial Hedges Panels Latest Featured Projects


Many of us would definitely want our porch or patio to be isolated from people so that we could have some me-time. If you are also like many other people who prefer artificial plants, then artificial hedges are undoubtedly your savior. They are made from fresh PE so as to appear living. They serve the purpose to provide seclusion and are long-lived.


Their usage includes installing them in balconies, window boxes, storefronts, wall décor, gazebos etc.
Sunwing is about to feature artificial hedges for:


1. Office fit-out


artificial plants in office


To date, people only use artificial hedges panels for their outdoor space. Now, Sunwing will make sure that you could use it to enhance the beauty of your office from the inside too. You would be able to add a touch of nature to your dead space.

2. Commercial interiors


faux plants in commercial


If you’re thinking these artificial plants won’t look good in a commercial interior, you’ve got it all wrong. Because Not only do they look good, they completely elevate the mood of the entire space.


Offices and workspaces are as vital as the interior of your home. These hedge plants will absolutely look amazing in your office and commercial area and will leave a lasting first impression on your clients and other business individuals. This reflects how concerned you are regarding nature. Plus, people get comfortable and feel at home while working in such spaces which will eventually lead to an increase in their productivity.


Artificial Plant Walls Latest Featured Projects


We like the idea of plants in our living space whether they’re placed on the floor or are hanging from a ceiling. Having to grow real plants on your wall could prove messy and not efficient as a lot of care would be needed in this regard.


For one thing, real plants would take a lot of time to grow to finally cover your wall. Secondly, growing plants inside means inviting pests to your living space which nobody wants. Lastly, not providing your plants with suitable conditions can cause them to wither. Therefore, artificial plant walls come ready to be easily placed on your wall without worrying about pests.


Sunwing is introducing artificial plant walls for the following:


1. Architecture facade


fake plants in architecture


Wouldn’t it seem lovely if the exterior of your building is covered with plants that give exquisite vibes? It certainly would. You can place artificial plant walls on the outer surfaces of your office building to make it more appealing.


2. Office interior


synthetic green plants indoor decor


The interior of any office has a direct effect on the mood of the people working there. If the interior is fresh, green and soft, so would be the state of mind of the employees. Furthermore, clients coming in would also feel the welcoming aroma.


Artificial Potted Plants Latest Featured Projects


The thought of bringing fresh flowers and keeping them inside your house can be tough as they become flaccid in a day or two. You can easily replace those fresh flowers with artificial pots as they last much longer without wilting.


These plants come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and you can place them according to your space and will. Large pots can be best placed by a sofa or empty corridor whereas the short ones suit best placed on the dining table or the side table of your bed.


Artificial potted plants can also be used in the following:


1. Stairwell renovation


stairwell renovation with artificial plants

If your stairs are of the same old pattern, then fret not. Sunwing provides potted plants for your staircase to add light and nature to it and amplify its beauty.


2. Home décor


artificial potted plants decor


You often place paintings and décor pieces in your home to give it an aesthetic touch. You can elevate the look of your space by adding different kinds of pots. These plants are fire retardants, unlike natural plants that can easily catch fire, thus keeping you at ease and safe.
These plants include monstera, reed grass, and banana leaves plants.


Moss Wall Latest Featured Projects


Have you ever thought of growing moss inside your home or workplace? Why would anybody think about this? I know right. It is such a tiresome project. Through Sunwing, you can easily plant them on walls, floors, and ceilings. Can you believe artificial moss is available in 10 different colors? Amazing, no.


They are often used as green walls, event backdrops, and even landscapes. Moss can retain water and is dust-free. They also work in the absorption of noise and heavy metals, hence giving out the scenery to that of a forest.


Sunwing aims for the following changes:


1. Indoor plantscape


Indoor artificial plant scape


Indoor plant scape or landscape intensifies the beauty of your interior. You can do it to a wall and then place neon sign there. It would present a sight to appreciate and to fall in love with. This place can be used as background for parties and gatherings hosted by you. Your guests would definitely admire your good taste in décor.


2. Ceiling greenery

fake plants on the ceiling


If the ceilings of malls and enormous buildings are to look green, it would certainly be a delight to watch. Sunwing would definitely bring life in these unexciting buildings with its moss wall and it would be a treat for the eyes to watch.




To sum up, we would say that artificial plants are long-lasting and are a one-time investment. Unlike real plants, you need not provide them with water and fertilizers. Another plus point is that these plants are pest-free. Since the plants are already in a shape you want them in, they do not require any trim or cut. Most of the artificial plants that you’ve come across are made from plastic and their color fade with time when they are exposed to sunlight but these artificial plants are UV resistant and do not fade even when directly exposed to sunlight.


Moving on, having a pet is a concern for pet owners when you bring in such plants as they may have chemicals that may harm your pets. Rest assured, these plants are made with eco-friendly materials and they do not harm humans and animals as they do not release harmful chemicals. In terms of maintaining them, you just need to remove dust off of them and simply wash them with fresh water without them being damaged.


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