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Large artificial trees are rapidly gaining in popularity

Clients all over the world are becoming aware of the visual impact huge artificial trees (including bamboo and palms) can create; not only because of their majestic stature; but the wonder of having such beautiful outdoor tropical trees set in tranquil interior settings.

We supply large artificial trees for customers. Recently, we find our regular customers come and request a quote for large artificial trees. We are finding that some of our most popular products for the office environment are our artificial bay trees, as they are larger than the average plant. we have a wide and varied selection of high quality, easy to maintain, cost-effective, lifelike products to suit your individual taste, style.

artificial trees are and an understanding of why businesses throughout the world are using them both indoors and out to enhance their premises & profile.

Artificial Cherry trees

Artificial Cherry trees in full bloom are a magnificent sight, as witnessed during spring in many Chinese cities. Growing in abundance along avenues, parks and gardens, they create breathtaking scenes exhibiting many shades of blossom.


Artificial Cherry trees

Faux olive tree

Faux olive tree is one of the most popular trees on social media. Light, tall, and airy, this olive tree is perfect for filling any bare corner. If you want to have the trendiest home in the neighborhood, look no further; our tree is so realistic, it even has faux olives throughout to replicate nature’s beauty truly. Inspired by nature, add a lifelike artificial olive tree to your living areas.


faux olive tree



Fake Banyan Tree

Fake Banyan Tree is a bears a stunning resemblance to the Banyan Tree in the wild. The faux Giant Banyan tree foliage is a bright medium green and the limbs are ideal for hanging fake indoor plants, lights or lanterns to add charm. The faux Banyan Tree variety has a climbing camphor vine wrapping around the stem giving an organic movement to the tree base. Consider the Artificial Banyan Tree to add a little height to your space by placing it at the center, or to introduce an inviting feel and warm tones to the setting. These faux trees will help to balance out the natural toned commercial space and landscape.


fake Banyan Tree


Artificial Coconut Palm Tree

The Artificial Coconut Palm Tree is an excellent way to add height, shade and a flair of tropical fun to your commercial space. Great for landscapes that don’t support live plants or trees and you need immediate impact. The Coconut Palm is known for the aptly named nut, the coconut and all its contributions to the culinary, health and wellness industries. Each palm tree is hand crafted and made to each client’s specifications. We offer a large selection of both outdoor palms as well as a line of preserved palm trees including Cycas, Fan and Date palms. Please see our Curved Trunk Coconut Palm Tree with a natural looking curvy shaped trunk as an additional option.


Artificial Coconut Palm Tree


larger fake trees (with wide canopies) need to be combined with strong resin trunks. These trunks provide a sturdy foundation and base onto which to build the replica tree canopy using kiln-dried branches. The resin trunks are moulded; this permits duplication of artificial trees, should customers require a pair of matching trees, and conversely, using these solid foundations also allows building large artificial trees with irregularly shaped canopies. The resin trunks, which have sturdy integrally formed steel base plates, 1m square, allow for direct fixing to the floor.

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