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How to Maintain the Lifespan of Artificial Grass

Most artificial grass was initially used for paving football pitches. Because of its many advantages that natural turf does not have, such as bright appearance, eco-friendly and safety, and good durability, it has appeared in various places where people live in many forms. Every year, there are many artificial grass sites worldwide completed, but even if there are not so many maintenance requirements, it does not mean that the artificial turf does not require any maintenance. The general service life of artificial turf is 8-10 years. Therefore, we can not easily ignore the precautions in use and the specific standards in the maintenance. Otherwise, it will seriously reduce the service life.


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As a professional artificial grass manufacturer, I will share the precautions for using fake grass. Improving the service life of the artificial lawn is not only in the post-maintenance but also throughout the entire process of grass selection, construction, and post-maintenance.



1: How to choose artificial grass


Artificial grass is a surface material used to simulate natural turf. The quality of the sod material plays a vital role in the performance of the synthetic turf system. There are many types of artificial turf, such as monofilament grass, straight grass, net grass, leisure grass, landscape grass, etc. Therefore, we must distinguish the places used when purchasing. If it is artificial sports turf, then monofilament grass, straight grass, and net grass are the best choices. Different courses use different artificial sod, and the most important thing is to choose the proper specifications. Even the same kind of artificial turf will have different specifications, such as pitch, density, grass height, etc. The shelf life will vary according to the artificial grass price.


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2: How to install artificial grass


The construction of synthetic grass mainly involves the quality of the foundation and some problems in the process of laying artificial turf. If these two aspects are not done well, we cannot guarantee the useful life of artificial turf. The foundations generally used for the artificial lawn are cement and asphalt. Artificial grass installation must be carried out on a flat surface; A corresponding drainage system should also be installed when outdoor. By filling the artificial turf field with rubber particles and the quartz sand will make it closer to the natural turf growing on the soil. However, We should note that after a period of use, the filling will have the risk of agglomeration and contamination, and it must be replaced in time.


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3:How to maintain artificial grass


The artificial turf’s useful life is determined by the quality of the artificial turf itself and the construction quality and related to the subsequent maintenance. If the later care is not in place, the valuable life of the best-simulated lawn is also very short. So when should maintenance be done, and what maintenance should be done. Let me introduce nine tips for artificial turf maintenance.


  • Keeping artificial grass clean:


An essential point of a lawn formed by artificial grass is clean and hygienic. Under normal circumstances, all kinds of dust in the air do not need to be cleaned deliberately, and natural rainwater can play a role in washing because frequent cleaning will damage the grass. But for some artificial outdoor landscape grass, there will be some obvious garbage, such as melon peel or confetti, which needs to be cleaned up in time. We can equip enough trash cans around the artificial turf field so that the garbage produced by people can go somewhere.


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  • Control pressure in the united areas:


Vehicles are prohibited on the artificial turf field and should not pile up heavy objects. Although artificial turf has its uprightness and elasticity, if the burden is too heavy or the time is too long, it will crush the grass.



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  • Cool artificial grass:


The temperature of artificial turf will be higher than that of natural grass in hot weather. If we have not targeted to cool down in the high-temperature season, it will eventually cause the fake turf material to continue to soften. Once someone steps on it, it will easily cause irreparable damage to the artificial turf. We can cool the grass in time by sprinkling water.


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  • Artificial grass infill:


Artificial lawn is generally filled with quartz sand and rubber particles, whose primary function is to enhance friction. If washed by rain, the distribution of the filling particles will be uneven. At this time, a special rake should be used to make the distribution of these filling particles more even. In addition, the high-frequency friction with these particles can easily make the field pitted on some artificial turf fields with a high frequency of use. Generally, if the amount of exercise is less than 40 hours a week, it is enough to fill the particles once a week, if it is greater than 40 hours. Hour needs to be filled twice a week.


  • Artificial grass loose surface:


The looseness of the surface of a field is maintained according to the frequency of exercise. If exercise is less than 40 hours a week, check it once every six months. If exercise is more than 40 hours a week, check the surface looseness once a quarter.


  • Artificial grass joint:

It is the same as the loose surface. Maintenance is carried out according to the frequency of movement. Usually, the joint inspection is performed once every two weeks.


  • Weeds and moss control:

The foundation of artificial turf is cement and asphalt. If maintained normally, weeds and moss are relatively small, so it is enough to control once a year.


  • Artificial grass inspection:

It is crucial for the site management staff to walk along the sports field to check and clean up the damaged points of the area. Check carefully whether the seam of the artificial lawn is loose and whether its bottom is damaged or torn. If a small hole is found, it must be repaired in time.



Artificial grass tools:


Horizontal brushing:

combing once a month for less than 20 hours of exercise a week and once a week for less than 40 hours.


Artificial turf rotating brush:

Use the artificial turf rotating brush to clean and comb the entire site. Less than 20 hours of exercise a week to comb once half a year, and more than 40 hours of exercise once a month.


Rotating brush:

Use a rotating brush to comb the areas with high wear. Less than 20 hours of exercise a week to comb once a quarter, and more than 40 hours of exercise once a half month.


The above is about the maintenance of synthetic lawns. Does your grass look a little worn? It may be time to invest in new lawns that will last longer. Take a look at our high-quality, low-maintenance range of artificial grass, and contact us to help you choose suitable artificial grass.

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