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The Complete Guides: Garden and landscape contractors import artificial plants from China 

Garden and landscaping contractors now tend to use artificial plants to do the garden project. Exterior artificial landscaping has been growing in recent years due to the drought. Our artificial plant product offerings are constantly expanding, and with it are the quality and extended UV warranty against fading.


faux plants for garden deisgn



When choosing to do artificial plantscaping, you must consider importing artificial plants from China. How to import fake plants from China? This article will give you complete guides. Many garden contractors start from artificial grass to lay the garden for customers, then the green wall, garden plants. In this way, you should choose a one-stop solution supplier for you, which will reduce your business cost and increase your profit.


Why do garden contractors choose artificial Plantscapes


Long-lasting artificial landscaping, large fake trees, and natural outdoor hedges are a specialty of manufactured plant lines. Landscape Architects work with the garden contractor to install large faux trees and artificial plants into indoor and outdoor places and exterior locations where multiple difficulties are maintaining a live specimen. Large lobby spaces are another area where high-end, large-scale artificial trees constructed on natural wood trunks are a great choice and often enhanced with live base plantings.


 Garden Contractors work closely with landscape architects to create the most natural, high-quality, and effective landscaping to enhance each project’s overall look and feel. The great advantage of incorporating our natural-looking artificial landscaping is that our high-quality artificial plants, trees, and hedges complement the live landscaping so seamlessly that no one can tell they are “fake” plants or trees used.


Why your customers choose artificial plants instead of real plant?


 If you want to beautify your outdoor space but do not want to maintain it frequently, please choose to use a variety of artificial outdoor plants and fake trees instead of green plants. Our collection of artificial topiary trees, bushes, and hedges are exclusively designed with UV-resistant to withstand the natural elements. Many others can help transform porches and elevate outdoor entrances, adding a hint of life to a deck patio, balcony, or even an entire backyard. By inserting artificial green plants, your daily outdoor environment can feel and look fresh throughout the year.


The advantages artificial plants for landscaping and gardening


Landscape architects use artificial plants and trees to customize crafts and create lush and lasting plantscapes.  Artificial plants, flowers and trees are very suitable for outdoor and indoor living spaces.


When the light is insufficient or severe or in extreme weather conditions, we can help expand your greening options. In addition, we can help you:


  • Eliminate or reduce load-bearing restrictions-usually in upper courtyards, terraces and balconies
  • Bring blooming color to any region throughout the year
  • Reduce the budget for a long time, when you need to replant regularly in a specific area
  • Help provide creative solutions under drought conditions
  • It is difficult to maintain an area where real trees and plants are prosperous
  • Places with restricted access for ongoing maintenance


Commercial grade indoor-outdoor, UV stabilized, customized artificial flowers, plants and trees, Artificial Landscape Design Consultations Available!


 Transform Your Garden with Artificial Plants from China’s Trusted Supplier


When you are tired of natural plants dying in your gardens, pots & hanging baskets, why not consider replacing them with artificial ones?  At SUNWING INDUSTRIES LTD, we have a range of UV Stabilised artificial plants that are put outside. These plants have been specially treated during manufacture to withstand harsh Sun.

We have plants of many styles, sizes & budgets to choose from, including vertical garden green walls and our beautiful handcrafted hedges & moss walls.   Purchase UV Treated Outdoor Plants and enjoy the many possibilities to vamp up & enhance your outdoor lifestyle!

From spirals to hedging, we have a whole range of intricately lifelike artificial outdoor plants. Artificial outdoor plants can be placed or planted wherever you want so you can enjoy instant greenery.


Artificial grass


Artificial grass offers you a solution that is green, neat, and well-kept the whole year-round. Whether it’s artificial grass for garden, balcony, creche, commercial premises, football pitch, golf putting green, or driving range,  Artificial Grass can provide a range of types and textures, each one more real looking than the next.


artificial grass for landscape


Artificial Potted Plants


 Artificial Potted Plants are another great option to create privacy while allowing light through. They are UV coated while being constructed on wood or plastic; water-treated makes them look so life-like.


 Artificial Hanging Baskets


 Fully weather-resistant and complete with gorgeous bright colors and realistic textures, you can be sure our baskets brighten up your garden for years to come. Add beauty and grandeur to your outdoor space without doing any unnecessary extra work for yourself. The unique feature of a solar-powered light gives this hanging basket a way of providing light at night.


Vertical Garden Walls


The artificial green wall transforms a rigid or unattractive wall into an instant greenery and ambience – without any floor space or planters. These UV green walls are constructed on an open metal mesh backing and can be easily installed on any type of wall.


Artificial Hedges


Faux Hedges are extremely popular. They are a great solution to create division and privacy – with a timeless, manicured elegance in various styles. Artificial hedges are constructed on welded metal framing to offer the option of freestanding hedges or custom-built to fit into any size planter. Both look equally as beautiful as low and compact or tall, stately pieces.


artificial hedges panels for outdoor


If you are looking for top-quality artificial plants, foliage, ferns, or trees, Artificial Landscaping manufacturers have a wide range of artificial plants’ shapes, types, and sizes. We provide you with high-quality artificial plants to suit your space and budget.


Which kind of faux plants do you choose to import?


Before you determine your supplier, you should confirm your garden styles and send your design draft to all your alternative suppliers.


Which kind of faux plants you choose to import


Traditional Landscape- Boxwood Topiary 


If Your Customer fell in love with the gardens, which looks like garden style in Versailles, and now want to recreate the same artificial plants garden design in his home. You can quickly achieve the look using faux topiaries. Artificial boxwood topiaries in the shape of a sphere look polished year-round, helping deliver that traditional look. They’ve stayed true and survived the test of time by always being en vogue.


Traditional Landscape- Boxwood Topiary


Desert Landscape- Artificial Potted Plants & Large Artificial Trees 


There’s nothing more sizzling than a desert outdoor plant landscape. If you’re looking for desert landscape ideas, we have a couple that you can try effortlessly that update your interior architecture and style. A desert landscape idea is to use fake landscaping plants such as succulents around a walkway and complement some river rocks on the tile side. Desert landscapes need artificial potted plants and large artificial trees.


Japanese Landscape-Faux bamboo trees


If you are looking for fake plants for the Japanese landscape backyard, we recommend using some faux bamboo trees alongside a koi pond and colorful flowers. A Japanese garden is about finding a balance with color and greenery; having different green shades helps achieve this look, decorated with clean lines, subtle colors, and many faux trees.


Tropical Landscape — Artificial tropical plants


Some ideas of tropical landscape plants include the famous palm trees, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Bird of Paradise, and Monstera and Dracaena. Low maintenance landscape design typically includes multiple palm trees alongside colorful flowers that soften the look. By using artificial landscaping trees, you can ensure you’re always ready for summer, no matter where you live. No more worrying about winter. Provide your plants look flawless all year. With artificial tropical plants, Customers never need to worry about maintenance or upkeep that can get pricey. Decorate with faux plant wall décor for an authentic jungle look.


Country Landscape- Artificial Shrubs & Topiary


Country landscape design has gained popularity over the last few years and has become mainstream. Artificial hedges in planter create the instant green in your yard. For the front yard, add some topiary and greet guests with a warm welcome; consider adding some rustic tiles or some river rocks alongside the driveway for a cozy look. To finish the look, consider adding some shrubs around the entryway.


Mediterranean Landscape — Faux olive tree & ficus plants 


Recreate your backyard into a Tuscan getaway that’ll make you feel as you’re walking through Italy. The most famous Mediterranean landscape plant is the Faux olive tree. We supply a variety of outdoor olive trees in all shapes, sizes, and styles to ensure you help your customers build faux dream gardens, then palm and ficus trees decorated next to stairs in the backyard of the house.



Best Gardening and Landscaping Artificial Plants Supplier


List of Artificial Plants Companies in China


  • Shenzhen Shenlin Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
  • Dongguan Hengxiang Artificial Plant Company Limited
  • Yiwu Norke Import & Export Co., Ltd.
  • Dongguan Haina Silk Flower Arts & Crafts Co., Limited
  • GuangzhouShengjie Artificial Plant Co., Ltd
  • Qingdao Estar Import & Export Co., Ltd.


Why Garden and landscape contractors Choose Us as Your Business Partner 




We believe that the foundation of our business is in the quality of the products we offer. Our mission is to provide products that are crafted using the highest quality resins, fibers, and coatings that are thoroughly tested and proven to perform above industry standards.




We value nothing more than our customers and the experience they have when doing business with us. We strive at every level to meet customers’ needs, and our service quality exceeds their expectations. It is our goal to build lasting, enthusiastic partnerships with all of our customers.




Put into a single word, the most outstanding value we hold is integrity, so it is embedded in our name. We a proud to be a trusted and reliable source in the artificial turf industry. We appreciate that our customers choose Sunwing knowing that they are getting the best in all regards.


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