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FAQs: Artificial Hedges in Planter

What is artificial hedges in planter?


The Artificial Hedge in Planter  is an easy, beautiful, and ECO-friendly way to create privacy in an indoor or outdoor space. The foliage comes pre-installed on a sturdy iron cage. The base planter box is made from sturdy aluminum or WPC to match almost any environment it is placed in.


artificial hedge in planter


What is the material of a planter? What colors are available?


Artificial hedges in planter has different color and material. The bottom planter material is a solid WPC (Wood-Plastic Composites)board, with 1.6cm thickness and 20kg/sqm. Pls, see the pics below for details. The standard color is grey and brown as below.


boxwood hedge in planter planter box


How about the structure of the hedges in planters?


Solution 1: WPC bottom +mesh stand + foilage

Solution 2: Mesh stand+ boxwood leaf

The mesh is iron at around 2.4kg per sqm. If the height of the hedge wall is more than 100cm, the hedges in the planter cannot stand against the strong wind if you do not have a planter box.


planter box hedges

Can you explain regarding UV and fading problem?


All our artificial hedges material is fresh PE with UV proof added; the hedges are perfect for outdoor use. About the fading, the color of the fence will have a slight change, certainly after years of sunlight.

But we can promise that the change is limit, will not affect the regular use. All our products are passed ultraviolet testing, can be kept well under outdoor sunshine. If you need, We will send Anti-UV 500h and Heavy Metal-free Test certificates to you. Samples are also available for your test if required.


Can the hedge be removed from the planter?


For the finished boxwood planter boxes, the iron mesh is usually tied to the bottom WPC with angle iron to ensure stability. Pls, check the detailed pics below for structure.

The standard planter is whole together, can not be removed. May I know your usage? Do you need the removable hedges?

WPC Planter Box


If that, we recommend you Bowood leaf+ iron mesh only, without bottom WPC.


Are the wheels constantly exposed?


Yes, Faux hedges in planter of the wheels need to be exposed to move around. It has four wheels in total, two-directional wheels + 2 universal wheels.

In the below picture, the wheels are exposed at around 2 cm, which another customer requires.

While the exposed height is optional if you have special requirements. Pls, advise on your needs for this.


artificial hedges in planter with wheel


All sides are covered except the bottom of the hedge, correct?


Yes, the whole set of hedge planters is five sides of boxwood leaf cover+ four sides of stand WPC without bottom boards. (Pls see pics below).

Are they workable for your clients? Please feel free to tell us if you need bespoke.


artificial boxwood hedge in planter


If I place an order for one container to start, when will you be able to ship?


May I know which container you need: 20GP or 40HQ? And for which size of planter boxes do you need? Pls, give me this info so that we calculate the quantity to fulfill the container and give you the exact production time. Because CNY is coming, it takes time to prepare the WPC board and metal mesh to fix together.


As far as the material for the hedge, can you send me samples? I know there are different leaves I imported before. I want the thickest and none see-through quality.


Glad to know you are with rich experience in this field. Yes, the quality varies with different materials. We are so happy to send samples for you to check. Pls have a look first at the current orders we have made.


 How About the artificial hedges quality?

All our hedge mats are with Anti-UV, CA65, and Heavy Metal-Free certifications offered in attachments if you need them. Maybe better to send a sample of the entire unit, planter, and hedge – and include different leaves styles for your choices. We also have customers who bought from others first, then choose our quality finally.


artificial hedges in planter wholesale

Our artificial hedges in planter case study also from our customers’ feedback. This is the best persuasive.  Artificial Boxwood Hedges in planter are in our warehouse and ready to deliver to our customers in United States.





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