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Essential Artificial House Plants for Nordic Home Decoration

Ins style is popular among young people for its simple, fashionable, and natural manner. From clothing, jewelry, make-up, and photo filters, Ins wind has been too hot in recent years. Recently, Ins wind has also taken place in fashion home furnishings, and we can find it magnificent when we flip through a few pictures of Ins wind home furnishings. So how do we turn our house into an Ins style? We can start with the decoration in the house——adding Artificial Plants.


One thing we should know is that Ins’s style pursues simplicity but not simple. If you want to create an Ins-style home, you should avoid using many bright colors but use more colors with lower saturation which can make people feel clean and comfortable. Plants can match simple furniture perfectly because of their deep colors. The combination of green and pure white or natural wood furniture can easily create a Nordic home style. The Realistic Artificial House plants have become indispensable for creating an Ins-style home due to their harmlessness, long-lasting, maintenance-free, simple installation, and diverse shapes.


nordic decor artificial plants


Now let me introduce some of the most popular Artificial House Plants for decoration.


1: Artificial Monstera Tree


The popularity of Artificial Monstera Tree can be said to be No.1 in our choice. It has large leaves and a graceful posture. Whether it is a single leaf or a whole plant, it will have an excellent decorative effect. The color of Faux Monstera Tree is dark green, and it is full of natural and artistic atmosphere when matched with log furniture. A few leaves are matched with a narrow-mouth glass bottle to interpret the literary and natural Nordic style.


Artificial Monstera Tree for indoor


2: Artificial Fiddle-Leaf Fig 


The Artificial Fiddle-Leaf Fig is named because its leaf tip is enlarged and shaped like a violin. Its leaves are dark green and densely distributed, vigorously upward, with high ornamental value. They are ideal foliage plants in the hall. Compared with Artificial Monstera Tree, the visual effect of it will be more casual.


Artificial Fiddle-Leaf Fig for home decor


3: Artificial Tiger Piran Tree


Artificial Tiger Piran Tree has been a prevalent variety for the last two years among the Best Artificial House Plants, and it is a perfect choice for wood-colored furniture. Its appearance is more beautiful. The leaves grow upright and are relatively flat. The slender blades are elegant and magnificent, which can play an excellent embellishment effect in the Nordic style with light colors. It has several styles, and the most common styles among Artificial House Plants are Yellow Edge Artificial Tiger Tail Orchid Tree, Green Edge Artificial Tiger Piran Tree, and Green Artificial Tiger Piran Tree. When the plants are tall and big, we can use them to decorate large areas such as living rooms or balconies.


Artificial Tiger Piran Tree for nordic home


4: China Large Fan Palm Artificial Palm Tree In Pot


The leaves of China Large Fan Palm Artificial Palm Tree In Pot are large and smooth, and it is a kind of plant with beautiful branches. Its leaves have a unique jungle tropical style, bringing different vitality to the overall furniture style when placed in the home. Therefore, many Nrdtic style living rooms are especially suitable for setting them. 


China Large Fan Palm Artificial Palm Tree In Pot for nordic decor



Artificial House Plants do not need we pay too much care and maintenance, and it also saves many expenses in the later period. They are easy to install, always green in all seasons, not easy to be deformed, and not easy to change color, and are suitable for various styles of home decoration. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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