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Choosing Fake Grass for kindergarten: 2 Things to Know

Activities on the lawn are an essential part of young children’s growth. For kids, fresh air and a clean environment spark more positive fun. It is a good choice for kindergartens to choose fake grass. It feels similar and softer than real grass. Children can play freely on the grass without worrying about soil or grass stains that will stain their clothes. What’s more, people can easily clean up.

artificial grass for kids


Why do kindergartens choose artificial turf? First of all, children are very active and always have close interaction with the lawn. Therefore, the choice of these floor coverings must meet the requirements of safety and risk reduction. Real turf not only cannot meet high-intensity friction, but the soil is too hard, which will cause harm to children. In addition, there are many shortcomings of real lawns that cannot meet the conditions of kindergartens.


Compared with real lawns, it is very wise for kindergartens to choose fake lawns. Continue browsing.


Top 8 Benefits of Fake Grass


  1. No Waiting Required

You don’t have to be involved in the growing process of artificial grass. Just take a moment to install it. Then they can immediately be ready for use. Artificial turf can be installed on a variety of basic surfaces. (remember to clean up the site, simple and economical.)

esay installation of fake grass


  1. Reduce Maintenance Work

Maintaining them requires some basic tools, such as hoses, vacuum cleaners, etc. But these are less expensive and less effort than maintaining natural grass. Kindergartens don’t need to think about watering, weeding, and fertilizing anymore, just occasional cleaning. Avoid keeping children away from the play area because of lawn care. After all, it is not easy for children to give up outdoor play.

easy maintenance of faux grass


  1. Lower Maintenance Cost

Reducing maintenance work can bring lower maintenance costs. The kindergarten can perform maintenance work quickly and easily on its own. There is even an option to outsource. Synthetic grass has a lifespan of up to 8 years, or even longer.


  1. Cleaner Play Environment

Fake grass creates a clean play environment for kids. Children can play without mud and reduce dirt on clothes. The artificial lawn does not require the nutrients of the soil, preventing children from coming into contact with bugs or other bacteria.

cleaner play environment of artificial grass


  1. Fewer Scraped Knees

Artificial grass mats have a softback, less stress on the joints, and no other hard things like gravel. So if children fall on it, it is not easy to scratch the knees and elbows.


  1. Safety

The safety of children is the top concern of parents and teachers. Sometimes real grass needs to be sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals to keep it healthy. This means that the child will be injured if they approach the lawn during this time. The maintenance that artificial grass needs is to rinse with water. And the raw material of sports grass is safe, non-toxic, and non-flammable, which is very suitable for schools.

safety when playing on artificial grass


Artificial turf also has other advantages.


  1. Exceptional Drainage

Soil is simply a collector of rainwater. Stepping on wet dirt is a pain in the ass, not to mention playing on it. And too much moisture can also cause mold to develop on the turf surface. Water on fake grass mats permeates through the backing of the turf and drains through the base layer into the water table.

drainage of artificial grass


  1. Uncanny resemblance

Advanced technology and high-quality materials make artificial grass visually indistinguishable from real grass and have the same soft and hard texture as natural grass.


How to Choose Artificial Grass

Artificial turf is simple to construct and can be installed directly under normal circumstances. However, there are many types of lawns on the market and the prices vary greatly. What tips should kindergartens consider when purchasing fake grass, and how to choose the specifications of kindergarten grass. We will mention three more important points below.


  1. Height

For grass height, under normal circumstances, kindergartens can choose 2-3 cm. It seems right to choose a taller pile of grass, but the longer blades of grass will bend due to the weight, affecting the straightness of the grass.

suitable height of artificial grass for kindergarten


  1. Quality

High-quality kindergarten artificial turf has no irritating taste, the color is bright and bright, and the uprightness is good. The turf grass silk that adopts the flat wire drawing process is soft and comfortable, has UV-resistant and heat insulation and has good water permeability.


  1. Price

The price of artificial grass is mainly determined by the overall market price of the lawn and the quality of the grass silk. The cost of artificial turf in kindergartens is calculated according to the kindergarten of 300 square meters, and the market price of turf is 20-50 yuan per square meter. A lawn that is too cheap may emit harmful gases and have a relatively short lifespan.


Choosing a reliable artificial grass supplier is the basis for success. Sunwing has more than 10 years of experience as an artificial grass factory. We produce artificial grass for a variety of areas. In addition, we also offer customization. Welcome to contact us.


Don’t wait, replace the kindergarten with fake grass.


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