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2021 Buyer’s Guide: Sunwing artificial hedges 

As a leading artificial hedges factory in China, Sunwing injects the fake hedges market new vitality. Well, know, 2021 is full of challenges from Shipping fees, Covid-19 to Currency. Sunwing and customers stand together to accept the challenge together. In 2021, We expand our design team, so Continuously artificial hedges’ newest styles are coming out.

Why and how to import artificial hedges from Sunwing? What styles of artificial hedges are popular among customers? When you start an artificial hedges business, what you should consider ?

  • Product Quality
  • Certificate
  • Price
  • Factory strength
  • Delivery Time
  • After-sales
  • payment method


Above factors, Which one is most important for you?  Sunwing consider above this factors for you and make you have no worries.  But in this article, we will discuss with you about artificial hedges in your market.


Traditional Boxwood Hedges 


Artificial boxwood hedges panels A001

A001 ranks #1 in artificial hedges sales volumes. 80% Our customers choose faux boxwood A001 in their containers. Some customers have different leaf length and density requirements, So we produce new boxwood hedges, such as A006, in different colors.


artificial boxwood panlesA001

Artificial Boxwood Hedges A001

Boxwood hedges in planter


Faux boxwood hedges in planter designed to create lush backdrops and unique dividers. Boxwood Hedges in Modern Planter Bring the look of a dense, green boxwood shrubbery into your space, where it will stay looking beautiful season after season, year after year. The Fire Retardant Artificial Boxwood Hedge with a Simple Planter comes in an attractive white planter that will look at home among many different types of decor. Inherently fire retardant, the hedge complies with fire safety regulations when used in homes and places of business.



2021 New Collections of Artificial Hedge Panels 


Recently, Sunwing brings about 40 models of artificial hedges mats. The market needs to push forward steps to the future. Want to purchase newest faux hedges, 2021 New Collections of Artificial Hedge Panels – Designed by Sunwing Complete buyers’ guide.


sunwing 2021 artificial hedges panels


Is artificial hedging good?


Especially over having natural hedges and hedge screenings, which can be a lot of maintenance, what’s more, is artificial hedge screens will look great all year round. Busy working schedules and daily duties can get in the way of maintaining both the appearance and upkeep of your hedges and hedge screening.


How to judge the quality of artificial hedges

Before choosing an artificial hedges factory as your Supplier, Quality is the first element. So we list A 9-Step Guide To Distinguishing Quality Of Artificial Hedges

Sunwing faux hedges wait for your quality test, and welcome to your bulk orders.


Sunwing Fake hedges packaging and delivery service


Quality guarantee isn’t limited to product, and it extends to packaging and delivery service.

Here at Sunwing, we have 3000 Square meters vendors to ensure your ordered equipment remains intact and ready to operate the moment it lands at your premises.

Sunwing Fake hedges packaging and delivery service


After all, Nobody expects to receive a broken faux hedge with rust after a month’s travel on the sea. The packaging bag used to bind the goods should bear the total weight of the goods and ensure that they will not be disconnected when the goods load.


Artificial Hedges Mat Price 


As an artificial hedges supplier, I had seen many purchasers rush to ask for panels’ price when we got connected. Surprisingly, the price seems to be the Only determinant in his purchasing. While Some would claim they cannot define their budget frame until each artificial hedges mats cost is unveiled. Much as I couldn’t fully agree on it, I would suggest our customers take the following critical factors into the evaluation and work out the desired performance they are expecting to achieve. Once they fully understand what results they are trying to get, Customers will be able to see which costs range they are falling into to adjust their allocable budget accordingly.

sunwing artificial plants price


The critical two elements customers should consider:


You all understand that sales target is driven by marketing and sales activities, and thus the amount of procurement is generally defined by your sales volume. Here is my kind reminder: Don’t confine your calculation to current sales volumes. Make sure you have worked out one years’ volume forecast to prevent any future constraints and pressures. (p.s. Never underestimate your marketing capability.)


Sales Channel:Sales Channel shapes your sales volume too. If you are capable and ambitious to work on multiple channels, count them all in.


Sunwing After-sales service


Our service wins all our customers favorable comments, such as Costco, QVC, BUNNINGS, and so on. Product support and services are becoming increasingly crucial for Chinese Suppliers.


We created the completion of processing customer complaints within seven days and regained customer orders. This case is our artificial hedges planters, our first order for our regular customer, with a monthly shipment. The base is destroyed. Our Sales Person Granta contact Peter at the first time. According to Peter’s demands, We reship the orders in his next orders.



Due to the time limits here, we will keep on exploring the next time. If you can not wait to purchase artificial hedges  from us in 2021, send messages to the below contact to get a full PDF version of The Ultimate of Buyer’s Guide On Your Artificial Hedges Purchasing.

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