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The Complete Guide: Artificial hedges in the USA Market 

Nov 4, 2021

No.3 Artificial hedges Search Trends Worldwide   Artificial hedges as the new product in the artificial plants’ industry. It has been for over five years in the market, but there are many countries’ markets without fake hedges. As we all know, New markets mean new Chance, A more mature market means product awareness. For USA […]

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The Complete Guides: Garden and landscape contractors import artificial plants from China 

Oct 19, 2021

Garden and landscaping contractors now tend to use artificial plants to do the garden project. Exterior artificial landscaping has been growing in recent years due to the drought. Our artificial plant product offerings are constantly expanding, and with it are the quality and extended UV warranty against fading.       When choosing to do […]

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The Complete Guides: Import Artificial Plants and Flowers From China

Oct 13, 2021

Artificial plants are gaining popularity in homes and commercial settings. Artificial plants and flowers are pretty common now in our daily life. You probably see them every day but never realize that they are fake. This article will help you know better about faux plants. In the artificial plant industry, such as the wholesale/retail business, […]

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Pampas Grass Decor Ideas Complete Guide

Sep 26, 2021

Nothing pops up an otherwise dull room, like a gorgeous stalk of a few artificial pampas grass plant. You may have come across this beautiful subtlety online or otherwise. This stunning new trend seems to be taking households by storm. The elegant long stalk and the graceful feathery top gives the room it’s placed in […]

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FAQs: Artificial Hedges in Planter

Sep 18, 2021

What is artificial hedges in planter?   The Artificial Hedge in Planter  is an easy, beautiful, and ECO-friendly way to create privacy in an indoor or outdoor space. The foliage comes pre-installed on a sturdy iron cage. The base planter box is made from sturdy aluminum or WPC to match almost any environment it is […]

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