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Artificial Christmas Trees or Real Christmas Trees?

Jul 28, 2022

When Christmas is just around the corner, you start to think of ways to ensure you get the best out of the festive season and be able to enjoy it freely with your friends and family. One question that pops into your thoughts during this period is whether you should go for an artificial Christmas […]

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Which Companies Choose Artificial Plants Wall as Their New Products Line

Jul 25, 2022

Search for artificial plant walls in Google search trends, and you can find that artificial plant walls are rapidly occupying the market. In the space where people live, whether indoors or outdoors, the fake plant wall has become the best choice for people to get close to nature because of its simple installation, low maintenance, […]

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What Is The Best Artificial Privacy Hedges?

Jul 7, 2022

If you are a manager of a company, you feel that the office is very monotonous, and you want to add some colors without too many costs; or you are a design company, and you are contracting the exterior wall work of a shopping mall; or you have an independent garden, want to add some […]

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Choosing Fake Grass for kindergarten: 2 Things to Know

Jun 6, 2022

Activities on the lawn are an essential part of young children’s growth. For kids, fresh air and a clean environment spark more positive fun. It is a good choice for kindergartens to choose fake grass. It feels similar and softer than real grass. Children can play freely on the grass without worrying about soil or […]

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Artificial Indoor Plants Perfect for All Types of Home Décor

May 23, 2022

Plants are beautiful, either live or artificial. Artificial plants, especially, are great additions to home décor. Besides the aesthetic value it adds to a décor, artificial plants create versatility, refresh your space, add colors, create focal points, and offer a realistic appearance. There are several types of artificial plants, and unlike many live plants, they […]

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