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2021 Best selling Artificial Potted Plants

Best Artificial Potted plants and trees are Topsales for wholesalers online, such as Nearlynatural, Wayfair. Sunwing is the worldwide supplier of artificial plants, artificial grass, and artificial hedges. From importers, traders, distributors, and wholesalers to gardening suppliers, all are our customers. Globally, we are renowned for providing products of the highest quality, delivered at expedited rates.

With over 18 years of experience in the artificial plants’ industry, an unwavering vision provides competitive prices for high-performance products. Sunwing continues to power full steam ahead. Explore our selection of best-selling faux potted plants that look so realistic. Many of our customers love our olive tree tat has become customers’ most famous tree. We have made a name for ourselves as the go-to experts for all things related to artificial plants in pot manufacturer.


Best artificial  plants  in pot

The best artificial potted plants include fiddle-leaf figs, rubber trees, bonsai, Japanese maple trees, agave, philodendron, hanging plants. Discover the best Artificial Plants & Greenery from us.


Fiddle Leaf Artificial Tree

Rising high and finishing in an explosion of leaves, this 72in fiddle leaf fig tree is the perfect way to bring the forest indoors. We tested three fake fiddle leaf fig trees and compared them to a real one — here’s our best Fiddle Leaf Fake Plants in Pot, least-fake looking one.

Decoration Fiddle Leaf Artificial Potted Tree

Tired of being stuck at home? With this beautiful Artificial Fiddle Leaf Tree, you can now upgrade your living areas that bring the garden into your home. Tall, tropical, and a stylish home décor choice, the artificial tree is a perfect lifelike complement to any open space and will bring instant harmony to your interior. The color never fades to brighten your room and make beautiful and long-lasting home warming gifts. With a touch of the plant, you can feel nature, with the vivid color from our mother nature. 

No maintenance for the Indoor Decoration Potted Tree. Thus it is perfect for your home or office while decor your space overall, plus it does not need any assembly! These leaves of the manufactured plant tree are environmentally friendly and durable. It can support your long-term use, while the bottom pot is stable and fits all kinds of planter beds or vases. See the most realistic faux tree plant and place it anywhere in your home, office, or your makeshift garden. Be quick and get yours Now! 

  • · This artificial tree is made with high-quality materials. 
  • · It can stand on its own without effort. 
  • · Looks realistic with large leaves on average.


best Fiddle Leaf Fake Plants in Pot


Faux Olive Trees In Pots

This faux olive tree in pots adds a lush, green look to a corner in the living or right by the front door in the entryway. It features a variety of olive tree branches and olive-like accents made from a blend of plastic and silk in hues of green.


Faux Olive Trees In Pot


Areca Palm Plants In Planter UV Resistant

Areca Palm Plants In Planter UV Resistant Create a lush environment inside or out with this artificial areca palm tree consisting of tiers of UV Resistant greenery designed from the finest materials.



Areca Palm Tree UV Resistant


Artificial Camellia japonica Plants In Black Pot

Beautiful and realistic look of a flowering Camellias tree. This beautiful Camelia Japonica tree with a height of 155 cm to every gardener and amateur breeder to be jealous. This artificial Flowering Tree we compared to real not afraid.

Artificial Camellia japonica Plants In Black Pot

Artificial Giant Mexican Agave Plant in Plastic Pot


Artificial giant mexican agave plant will steel the show with it’s life like characteristics. This floor plant is a great look to any room and is set in a plastic pot which makes it easy to display anywhere.


Artificial Giant Mexican Agave Plant in Plastic Pot

Giant Yucca Artificial Tree UV Resistant


Made with sharp attention to detail, The artificial giant yucca tree comes with many shoots of sword-shaped Green leaves that sprout up from realistic stems. Its UV-resistant feature gives this versatile piece the opportunity to decorate any space, indoors or out.



Giant Yucca Artificial Tree UV Resistant


Travelers Palm Artificial Tree


With large, smooth-edged leaves that stand at various heights and face upward, this artificial traveler’s Palm tree will add a unique flair to any room.

Travelers Palm Artificial Tree in Pot



Now, we have 100+ artificial plants varieties for outdoor and indoor decoration.  Enhance the beauty of your home with some artificial trees that look incredibly lifelike.



large artificial potted plants for indoor and outdoor



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