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At Sunwing, we specialize in supplying a wide selection of artificial plants to customers across the UK. We’re excited about the prospect of working with you to enhance your brands, businesses, or projects in the UK with our quality service, from concept design to marketing and ongoing tips.

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Authentic Artificial Plants Supplier Export to UK

Sunwing has exported artificial hedges, plants wall, and flowers to the UK market for 18 years thanks with its outstanding factory capacity and exclusive one-stop service. We proudly serve most areas of United Kindom. Our professional landscape designers, talented R&D managers, and experienced sales teams have the same purpose to achieve a win-win success for the artificial plant business.

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    UK Artificial Plants Import Catalog

    Whatever your requirements is, from large outdoor plants, indoor hanging plants, faux greenery or flowers. At Sunwing, we have over 100 product lines with a huge market, especially for the UK. All of our products have been hand-selected based on quality. Welcome to get a complete product catalog here.

  • 100+ Varieties of Artificial Plants
  • Factory Price for Bulk Buying
  • Updated Designs & Styles
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    fake plant wall uk

    Fake Plant Wall

    • Size: 100x100cm
    • Material: 100% Fresh New LDPE
    • Fire Retardant: Customized
    • MOQ: 50 Square Meters
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    artificial hedges uk

    Artificial Hedges

    • High Density Fresh PE
    • Cut To Fit Different Sizes
    • UV & IFR Technology
    • MOQ: 800 Pieces
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    artificial potted plants uk

    Artificial Potted Plants

    • Small & Large Sizes Available
    • Material: Silk +Plastic
    • Support Customization
    • MOQ: 50 Pieces
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    artificial flower uk

    Artificial Flowers

    • Naturual Flavor Indoor Use
    • Cheaper Maintenance
    • Anti-Fade & Anti-Drop
    • MOQ: 100-300 Pieces
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    What Our Clients Think?

    Here we've collected several customer feedbacks. It is our honor that even the industry experts and traders have given us great affirmation.

    landscape architecture manager

    Landscape Architecture Manager

    “I’ve got in touch with many landscaping suppliers. Sunwing is the only one who timely offers the largest product varieties. Almost down to every detail for quality control. I absolutely recommend it!”

    interior designer

    Interior Designer

    “Outstanding bespoke artificial plant service, individually designed to suit a modern lifestyle in the best home and business locations. Sunwing knows what their customers really want and always keeps up with the latest trends.”

    green wall project leader

    Green Wall Project Leader

    “Loved my experiences with Veronica at Sunwing. She is extremely knowledgeable about her company's products, and very helpful for my green wall projects! I really appreciate her and will corporate with Sunwing again in the near future. Thank you so much Veronica for everything you did for me!”

    artificial flower store owner

    Artificial Flower Store Owner

    “We are a small floral store and plan to expand our business. We know Sunwing is a leading artificial plant and flower manufacturer from China, with strong factory capacity and excellent quality. They are doing really well in this industry; thanks for all the help and support in running our artificial flower shop.


    Top Reasons To Export Artificial Plants To UK

    1. Latest Artificial Plants Trend Indicates Great Values And Prospects

    artificial plants uk search popularity

    UK Artificial Plants Search Popularity – source from Google Trends


    According to the data from 2020-2021, we can find that there was a period of decline due to the global outbreak of the epidemic, but the overall trend is still on the rise. Due to improvements in design and technology, the demand for faux green plants is expected to surge.

    As shown in the second picture, people from 4 regions, like Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England have great interest in artificial plant industry. Sunwing, an artificial plants manufacturer in China, has done a great job in UK Artificial Greenery Import for 18 years. We also serve the markets in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Europe (amount to 50+countries).


    Fake Plants UK Import Volume

    Fake Plants Import Volume – source from


    As you can see, though during special period, the year-on-year Artificial Plants Import Volume has reached its peak in April 2020. In other words, the crisis is also an opportunity. It means the epidemic has triggered a further shift of retail companies to online for 2021. From the beginning of the year, our salespersons have indeed received more bulk orders than before. Even if you are a newcomer, there is no doubt that you can make profits from it with Sunwing.


    2. Wide Target Sector And Sales Channel For UK Markets


    Target Customer Sales Channel

    #1. Start-ups, Importers
    #2. Farmers, Growers
    #3. Retailers, Dealers
    #4. Traders, Vendors
    #5. Landscape Designers
    #6. Project Contractors
    #7. Gardeners, Horticulturist

    #1. Distribution, Wholesale
    #2. Direct Sales
    #3. Retail Stores
    #4. Independent Stores
    #5. Specialty Stores
    #6. Chain Stores


    3. Artificial Plants Quick Advantages


    Not Easy to Fade– As our fake green walls are UV resistant, they stay green and won’t fade or die all year round even if exposed to sunlight.

    Bespoke Fire Resistance– We can provide level B fire retardant test reports for most products. Depending on where you’re based, your local regulations may insist upon the IFR plants.

    Economically Efficient– Artificial plants do not need trimming, watering, fertilizer, and carbon emissions, which means you will not spend much time and cost on them.

    Friendly to the Environment- Sunwing artificial hedges are made from 100% fresh PE without any chemical odor, meeting international standards, such as ISO9001, ISO14001, and SGS.

    Long-lasting Privacy Screen– No matter in what kind of climate and season, our artificial hedging panels with strong density have a longer lifespan than real ones.

    Aesthetic and Realistic Looking– With a super lifelike appearance and easy-to-move property, our faux plants in pot are a great option for interior designers.

    No Limit to Colors or SeasonsArtificial flowers are available in colors not found in nature, and can be displayed almost anywhere all year round.

    Easy to Maintain– Some of you prefer hanging decorations. Then artificial trailing plants offer a simple solution because they will never outgrow their pots, their leaves will never droop down.

    Customized Design – Regardless of the identity of the manufacturer, we can also offer DIY designs that turn a boring space into something artistic.

    In this blog, you’ll know how Sunwing provides artificial plants wall to importers and traders.


    How Sunwing Boosts Your UK Artificial Plant Business

    Throughout the import process, Sunwing guarantees both quantity and quality.

    import procedure

    1. Outstanding Factory Capacity

    • Factory area: 1000 square meters.
    • Annual production: 800000 square meters.
    • Product varieties: 100+ product lines run all day long.
    • Shipping: no delay due to a supply shortage.


    2. Flexible Operation Process

    • Adjust the orders and production plans at any time.
    • Give feedback to customers as soon as possible.


    3. Best Quality At Wholesale Price

    • Not pay for our modern factory buildings, advanced equipment, or beautiful offices.
    • Make sure every pound you pay is for premium products and services.
    • Maintain control over the products, from component material to package.


    4. Multiple Bespoke Options

    • Realistic colors inspired by nature.
    • SGS certified UV protection against fading.
    • NFPA 701 flame tested fire resistance.
    • Made-to-order package or logo.


    5. Small But Mighty Team

    DESIGN– Our design team has an extensive background in horticulture. We are proud of our creativity to make fake leaves, flowers, and trees indistinguishable from real ones.

    SALES– Our sales team understands all the products go straight from our hands to your homes or businesses. We offer free quotes within 24 hours and ongoing care such as self-installation guide or maintenance tips.

    R&D– Our R&D managers continuously develop new products and always keep their unique vision to fulfill the demands of changing markets.

    MARKETING– Our marketers devote themselves to boosting your business, like collecting from the web, clients, and experts to make the best of your own marketing.


    Case Study of UK Artificial Greenery Import

    artificial plants case study

    UK Artificial Plants Import for Landscape Business


    Landscaping Industry

    Yorkshiregreenwall, our main partner in the UK, has created its online store to sell a wide range of artificial plants wall to local customers and engaged in artificial green wall industry for 10 years. We help this brand by offering customized logo/package service, installation guide, marketing advice, etc. Welcome to cooperate with us.

    tips: You have to meet a certain amount of sales to get enough profits when it comes to wholesale. The supply chain and resources are essential for any business owner. So you should have a deep understanding of customers’ needs and check industry standards to determine the average costs of doing this business.

    Promotion Channels

    Like Yorkshiregreenwall, we recommend you firstly establish an official website, and then create a social business page on the SNS platforms(Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to help reach more viewers. You can also join Amazon, Homedepot, Overstock to promote your products.


    Things to Consider Before Importing Fake Plants

    Firstly, we recommend you read this ultimate guide to artificial plants. Then, you should take into consideration these core issues before starting the UK artificial plant import plan:

    • Who are your target customers? What are their needs?
    • Who are your competitors and how they are performing?
    • Do you have sufficient knowledge of plants?
    • Do you offer the service for home uses, office designs, or commercial events?
    • What are the necessary certifications for fake plants?
    • How to search for reliable suppliers or manufacturers?
    • Can the supplier provide customized service for your local market?
    • How to balance investment and return?

    Browse Our Projects Of UK Artificial Greenery Import

    Here're some of Sunwing's exterior & interior landscape and commercial projects. Hope you get inspirations for your own business!

  • For office building
  • For home design
  • For hanging ceiling decor
  • For outdoor privacy screen

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