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How to tell whether the artificial plant has UV-resistant function?

Sunwing is a Manufacturer/ Producer, founded in 2003 , which operates in the Artificial plants industry. It also operates in the UV resistant artificial plants , artificial flowers and artificial hedges.


What is UV resistance


Ultraviolet (UV) resistance is the ability to resist UV rays or sunlight.

Artificial plants are normally made from a variety of plastic, silks, fabric, wire and natural wood. These key materials are not automatically resistant to UV light and can fade, discolour and become extremely brittle.


What makes an artificial plant UV resistant?


The most effective way to protect outdoor artificial plants from UV light, we add a premium grade chemical stabiliser, absorber and/ or blocker during the manufacturing stage. This additive absorbs much of the harmful UV light, protecting the plastic’s colour. When the stabiliser, absorber or blocker is added during the manufacturing stage, plants are referred to as inherently UV protected.


artificial plant UV resistant


Does UV spray work on artificial plants?


Have no fear, you can still protect your plants in the summertime by spraying them with a UV-resistant spray. While not as good as purchasing the plants designed to resist fading, the spray can add months or years of usefulness to your fake arrangements.


Spray plant with a cleaning spray. Once your plant is free of dust, use a non-abrasive household cleaning spray such as window cleaner or multi-purpose spray to clean the plant thoroughly. Leave this on for 15 minutes to work well.


Can plants detect UV light?


Yes, plants can directly sense UV-B photons through a specific UV-B photoreceptor called UV RESISTANCE LOCUS 8 (UVR8) [1]. … Acclimation involves, for example, increased levels of DNA repair enzymes and accumulation of ‘sunscreen’ metabolites that absorb UV-B and thereby protect underlying tissues.


Do fake plants fade in the sun?


An untreated artificial plant that is kept in full sunlight will fade and crack over time. Having UV-treated artificial plants, however, gives them the best chance of surviving those hot, dry summer months. To do this, use a can of UV protection spray to dust the leaves, stems, blooms and other parts of the plant.


Do fake plants fade in the sun


Types of UV resistant outdoor plants


Looking to purchase outdoors UV resistant artificial plants ? Be aware of the different options.


  • UV protection made within the foliage
  • UV protection spray for plants
  • Non UV treated artificial plants




Benefits of UV treated artificial plants


We hope it’s clear why UV treated artificial plants are a worthwhile investment. Here is a list of some of the benefits you can enjoy:


  • Plants stay green all year round.
  • No yellowing of leaves or greenery.
  • Prevents your fake plants from fading.
  • Stops your artificial plants from cracking due to heat.
  • Some UV protection may help to minimise dust.

PS: UV Resistant Stabilisers Knowledge

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