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Artificial Indoor Plants Perfect for All Types of Home Décor

Plants are beautiful, either live or artificial. Artificial plants, especially, are great additions to home décor. Besides the aesthetic value it adds to a décor, artificial plants create versatility, refresh your space, add colors, create focal points, and offer a realistic appearance. There are several types of artificial plants, and unlike many live plants, they are easy to maintain, cost-effective, unseasonal, and non-hypoallergenic. Below is a list of super unique artificial plants that are versatile and suitable for all types of home décor.


1. Artificial Houseplants – Find your perfect artificial potted plant


Without any doubt, artificial houseplants bring value to every home space. You would barely differentiate an artificial potted plant from a live plant when placed at strategic locations within the home. You can place them on a decorative stand or high up on a shelf.


Interestingly, every part of a potted plant adds beauty, vibrancy, colors, and aesthetics to home décor. While the plants add your desired botanical splash to your décor, the pots will also improve the visual appeal. Artificial houseplants are usually tall and will multiply layers of flowers. You also have the luxury of choosing any type of plant that suits your home style and décor without worrying about maintenance.


perfect fake potted plant


2. Small Indoor Plants & Cactus – A choice of artificial tabletop plants


Artificial indoor plants don’t have to have big flowers before establishing their presence in home décor, and cactus is evidence of this. Cactus is one of the most versatile artificial tabletop plants. It has unique, striking shapes, vibrant colors, and decorative flowers. This tabletop plant usually overflows from the pot and can be styled on a top and window-side shelf.


Aside from cactus, there are also several other small plants, including eucalyptus, jade plants, and rosemary, which also have similar beautification effects. These small indoor plants will fit into any pace, regardless of the size, décor theme, or environmental conditions.


artificial tabletop plants


3. Handmade Artificial Trees – Get a lifelike artificial indoor tree


Do you wish to explore a full flex of botanical splash in your home décor? Consider bringing in handmade artificial trees. Handmade artificial trees are usually assembled from high-quality synthetic materials To create a decorative piece. Even though these trees are made from artificial materials, they appear lifelike and give an authentic feel of nature.


Handmade artificial trees can stand alone at any preferred corner of your home. They can be as high as 100 inches; hence, you don’t have to place them on any tabletop or shelf top. Also, these artificial indoor trees will sit well in any part of your home, including the living room, bedroom, walkways, and patio spaces.


lifelike artificial indoor tree


4. Artificial Palm Trees – Source a realistic faux indoor palm tree


If you intend to create your sense of greenery, the artificial palm tree is one of the ideal choices for you. This realistic faux indoor palm tree adds vibrancy, versatility, unique touch of nature, and calmness to your space. It gives a super impressive fresh, realistic appearance without any maintenance demands. Also, the artificial palm trees do not quickly fade out or get damaged.


Although these artificial palm trees have a similar appearance, they come in various sizes and heights. Some artificial palm trees will fit on tabletops and shelf tops because they are relatively wide than tall. Some other types of these artificial palm trees have enough height to stand alone in any corner of your home.


realistic faux indoor palm tree


5. Artificial Hanging Plants – Drooping foliage and hanging planters


Upgrade your walls and create a more vibrant and calming appearance with various artificial hanging plants. The wall is a precious asset in any home décor. You can explore it to its full potential with suitable artificial hanging plants of your choice. You can hang these plants with a planter or hook to prevent them from falling off. Hanging plants are not usually very tall to prevent them from being too close to the roof.


The height and type of the artificial indoor plants and the type of planter will determine how to display it on your wall. You can use a single type of artificial plant to create a uniform accent all through the wall. Alternatively, you can create a mini artificial garden on the wall by mixing complementary plants in the same or different planters. Some of the best artificial plants you can try include spider plants, peperomia, artificial ivy plants, Boston fern, Chenille plants, and Arrowhead plants.


Artificial Hanging Plants


6. Artificial Bonsai Trees – Get a handmade bonsai tree


Artificial Bonsai trees offer a unique contemporary look that appears unkept. It appears like a real traditional tree, making it one of the best faux bonsai choices. Artificial Bonsai trees can be an express replica of nature in your space despite their miniature, aged, and twisted look. This artificial indoor plant is an outright option for creating a focal point, adding a refreshing feel, and integrating nature into your indoor space.


Artificial Bonsai trees are often handmade, which makes them expertly crafted. The plant will fit anywhere in your space ranging from tabletop to the corners of your space. Due to its miniature appearance, some décor creatives can also explore the bonsai trees for wall décor. Also, you can bend bonsai trees into various shapes, hence, increasing their versatility.


Artificial Bonsai Trees


7. Potted Pampas Grass & Stems – New pampas and artificial grasses


Add a unique greenery atmosphere to your interior setting with vibrant potted pampas grass & stems. As vibrant as the plant appears, it is entirely maintenance-free. The plant’s appearance and crafty buildup also make it more durable and less vulnerable to fading. This artificial grass can be entirely green or brown in the form of dried leaves. You can choose an all-green affair or create a harmonious blend of the green and brown options.


You can enhance the appearance of new pampas and artificial grasses with high-hold hairspray, but it is not compulsory. The stems of the artificial plant are equally beautiful, and it is crafted to hold the weight of the protruding ends. Nevertheless, the stem still appears full, fluffy, and aesthetic.


artificial Potted Pampas Grass & Stems


8. Boxwood Ball Artificial Plants – Real-Touch boxwood leaves


Do you want your greenery effect compact and bold? Boxwood Ball artificial indoor plants are a super fantastic option to consider and explore. The ball-shaped leaves appear bold, making them an ideal option for creating a custom topiary. You can opt for options that leave the stem on display or without an apparent stem.


This unique feature also makes it versatile. Boxwood Ball Artificial Plants are suitable for creating top tall candlesticks. You can also surround them with other flowers, group them in a rock garden, or explore them as hanging plants. Interestingly, it is one of the most suitable artificial plants for outdoor use.


Boxwood Ball Artificial Plants


Wrapping Up

Artificial plants are one of the most outstanding additions to home décor. It can be an outright representation of nature and the extension of the outside world into your space. Interestingly, you can place these artificial plants in any part of your home, and they will fit into any space, including sunless and windowless rooms. Regardless of whether you hand your artificial indoor plants, place them in certain corners, or place them on surface tops, they will offer the right calming effect, create focal points, add vibrancy, and improve the general outlook. Feel free to contact us or explore the options above and many others!

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