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Refit and Upgrade a Project by Artificial Hedges

Plenty of measures are available to enhance a household design-build or commercial fit-out with green and organic features. Bringing a more gentle and biophilic feeling may just be the perfect finishing touch to your project.
Different from natural plants, artificial hedges are less costly and less time-consuming to uplift any space in some inspirational ways. Take a look at previously featured projects below in which how our artificial hedge screening refit and upgrade indoor and outdoor-rated constructs.

From Boring Wood to Aesthetic Boxwood

artificial boxwood hedges wall extension

Item:Artificial boxwood hedges
Color:Classic green
Site measurement:Length 36m, width: 1.5m; total 54sqm
Quantity:216pcs (each panel size is 0.5mx0.5m)


This is one of the privacy terrace fence designs from our customer Johnson who have been importing artificial hedges for different projects. The only specific need of Johnson’s client is to cover up as much as possible, whereas should blend in with the front white flowers. A neat little idea popped into Johnson’s head: It must be the classic artificial boxwood panels! Using dark green artificial boxwood hedges is easy to get the best of both worlds. For one thing, these boxwood panels with 4-layer foliage are in full plugs, so they can reach up to 99% coverage. For another thing, stylish without being showy, they turned out to be an instant vibrant background behind those blossoms.


Artificial Hedge Wall and Aisle Combination

artificial hedge wall and aisle combination

Item:Mixed artificial hedge panels
Color:Green (main) and white
Site measurement:Length 30m, width: 4.2m; total 126sqm
Quantity:630pcs (each panel size is 0.5mx0.5m)


There’s nothing more tranquil than going down the aisle in offices or shopping malls that require some greenery. Instead of adopting the single hedge wall design, our designer Frederic used five kinds of best-selling artificial hedges. As a result, it brought green elements close to nature into the workplace, visually upgraded the level of project design, and even mentally relieved intensity with a few touches of smooth peace. This office fit-out project was completed in 2017; at that time, we promised a five-year indoor warranty. Now five years have gone, you could still look forward to the follow-up color results.


Artificial Plant Walls Enhance Well-Being

artificial vertical garden outdoor cafe shop

Application:Cafe, restaurant
Item:Artificial plant wall panels
Site measurement:Total 50sqm
Quantity:100pcs (each panel size is 0.5mx1m)


In the downtown block, refurnishing a comfortable cafe restaurant that people can stop on the way for a rest has become a trivial but meaningful project. Wouldn’t passers-by be attracted by such a biophilic lush artificial plants wall, will they? There is no necessity to introduce complicated irrigation systems, let alone take care of these artificial live plants. Indoor guests don’t have to suffer excessive interruption by the noisy flow or heavy traffic outside but can enjoy a pleasant afternoon. More and more designers are comradely going green, not only because plants can illuminate the space but also because a great urban environment has been found to improve human well-being.


Indoor Green Walls for More Productive Work Environment

indoor artificial green wall office fitout

Item:Artificial vertical garden wall panels
Site measurement:Length 8m, width: 6m; total 48sqm
Quantity:48pcs (each panel size is 1mx1m)


From outdoor to indoor, people pay more and more attention to improving the work atmosphere. This office space needs an interior design that can provide team members with a more efficient and healthier working environment. One of the easiest ways to transform indoor spaces into a safe and private oasis is by designing with artificial hedges. Here at Sunwing, we supply premium artificial hedge panels in different colors or foliage manufactured to our factory’s very high standard to over 50 artificial-landscape-related brands. Faux green walls for outdoors and indoors as a kind of faux hedges are attractive as they can also provide acoustic solutions and visual interest in meeting rooms or offices.


Fire-Safe Spa-Like Luxury Solutions

artificial plant wall swimming pool case

Application:Swimming pool
Item:Artificial green wall panels
Site measurement:Total 54sqm
Quantity:54pcs (each panel size is 1mx1m)


Firstly, check out this luxurious private outdoor swimming pool project. Our consultants recommended this artificial vertical garden with four kinds of artificial hedges leaves to create a gorgeous atmosphere. The white, yellow, and purple leaves looked particularly conspicuous on the green background. The curved shape was just like a strange symbol, which is full of mystery. By installing artificial vertical wall panels, the owner added lush, outdoor appeal without the hassle, care and time commitment that real greenery comes with. And because Sunwing artificial hedges are tested for fire-code compliance, the owner was secure in the pool’s fire safety.


Graphic VS. 3D Fake Plant Walls

3D framed green wall interior design

Application:Living room, bedroom
Item:Framed green walls in diverse shapes
Shape:Circular, square, rectangular, crescent-shaped


When seeking to infuse geometric aesthetics into household interior design, the creative director Lauren replaced photo frames with stereoscopic green wall frames. Using our various artificial greenery options, she created a fake living wall that looked lively as if it could grow from the wall. Even if that work was a piece of cake for Lauren, she struggled to look for a qualified artificial plants supplier. Ultimately, it was a pleasure to choose Sunwing as high-quality 3D artificial hedges in frames let the homeowner couldn’t believe that those fake plants came to life, Lauren said. Patterns can be fluid or geometric in nature, giving project clients the choice to create the look they’ve always wanted. The artificial living wall offers true-to-life vitality and colors, without any hassle or maintenance.


To Conclude:

Wondering whether or not you can use artificial hedges in your custom project? The answer is, yes you probably can. Why not let us help you with the design and installation?
In addition to supplying a wide range of artificial hedges, Sunwing also specializes in designing and building green wall projects for the sake of our being in the landscape/gardening industry for over 18 years.
We can help you find the perfect artificial greenery for your project. Simply get in touch with us and let us know what you’re planning to do, and we’ll assist you in finding out the best solution to inspire your next project.

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