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The Complete Guide: Artificial hedges in the USA Market 

No.3 Artificial hedges Search Trends Worldwide


Artificial hedges as the new product in the artificial plants’ industry. It has been for over five years in the market, but there are many countries’ markets without fake hedges. As we all know, New markets mean new Chance, A more mature market means product awareness. For USA Market, Faux hedges are famous.


artificial hedges worldwide market



Google trend shows artificial hedges is No.3 in the world. So now, if you want to expand your business into fake hedges. In the United States, there is enormous market potential. UK volume is 100, and US volume is 36. So There is a lot of room for growth.


Fake Hedges Search Volume In USA


In the past five years, Fake hedges search volume has kept increasing. This data can be used as your reference. All artificial hedge screening sellers in have high sales volume and best reviews. 


artificial hedges in US Market as the main platform for wholesaler and retailer in the USA Market, When you plan to start this business, you can search sales volume via amazon.


fake hedges wholesale in amazon


Best-selling Artificial Hedges Wall In America


Choosing the right artificial hedges wall product is a must thing. We list the top best-selling fake hedges panels in the USA market.


Artificial Boxwood Hedges 


Boxwood plants (Buxus) are dense evergreen shrubs that are usually planted in elegant and formal landscapes. Planting boxwood in your home landscape allows you to create a formal hedge, matching border, or a pair of boxwood plants to balance the entrance. Boxwood can also be planted as a focal plant or as a base plant.


boxwood hedges and plants


Boxwood hedges are high accepted by end customers. In 2016, Our boss had been to the USA and brought boxwood hedges panels to some customers. Many CEOs choose box hedges to sell.


Artificial hedges in Planters


Artificial hedges in planter is assembled by hedges panels and planter box base, easy to install and move to anywhere at any time. Artificial boxwood hedge in the planter is also top-selling in the market. 


artificial hedges in planter


  •  Easily Assemble in About 15 minutes
  •  UV Rated Boxwood for Outdoor Installations
  •  Stainless Steel Box Base
  •  3 Year Warranty & 5-8 Year Expected Life


Faux Lemon Leaf hedges Wall


Our best-selling lemon leaf artificial plant fence can bring Tuscan sunshine wherever it is installed. An excellent and classic way to cover up unsightly walls and gain privacy without worrying about watering, fertilizing, and maintenance.

The intense green and vibrant yellow of lemon leaf artificial hedge fence panels immediately enhance your space. The large and beautiful leaves give it a naturalistic appearance.

Our lemon leaf outdoor artificial green wall panels allow you to enjoy their beauty without worrying about the troubles associated with live plants. The ultraviolet treatment makes it sun-proof and weatherproof so that you can use it in and out of large and small spaces. 


Top Artificial hedges Wholesalers in US Market 


  • Geranium Street
  • NatraHedge® 
  • Artificialplantsunlimited
  • Commercial Silk


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