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Sunwing specializes in the manufacture and supply of artificial hedges. Variety of leaves. Long life-span. Flame resistant. Anti-UV.

  • 18 Years’ Experience
  • Strict Quality Control

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Premium Factory-direct Artificial Hedges

As a leading artificial hedges manufacturer in China, our factory provides only premium artificial boxwood hedge mats, faux hedges panels, and artificial hedges in planters with up-to-date technology.
Sunwing is serious about quality and always keeps standards high. All artificial hedge products are SGS certified and ROHS compliant and will undergo strict inspections at every step from production to delivery with professional tools.

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Sunwing Artificial Hedges Catalog

Sunwing is a professional team and market leader manufacturer in China, who supplys artificial plants, artificial hedges, artificial flowers, topiary balls, reindeer moss, artificial potted trees, vertical gardens, and artificial grass, etc. Welcome to view online or to download to receive a complete product catalog, and Please Contact Us now.

  • Over 20+ Category
  • Over 1000+ Varieties
  • Exported to 50+ Countries
  • 500sq Showroom

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Wholesale Artificial Hedges in Planter

  • Minimum Order: 10-20 pcs
  • Regular Size: L100*W25*H100cm, customize available
  • Material: 100% fresh new LDPE
  • Occasion: Outdoor; indoor
  • Warranty: Outdoor 3 years; indoor 5 years
  • Certificiate: UV-resistant, Fire Proof

Leading Manufacturer of Artificial hedges with High Quality. Import artificial hedge in planter at wholesale prices. If you are engaged in importing, wholesaling and retailing artificial hedges, request a quote now.

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Artificial Leaves Hedge A002

Artificial Leaves Hedge Fence

  • Model: A002
  • Premium Diverse Leaves
  • Fire-retardant Available
  • Outdoor UV Resistant
  • MOQ: 800 Pieces
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Artificial Ivy Foliage Hedge A009

Artificial Ivy Foliage Hedge

  • Model: A009
  • Easy Coverage With Large Rolls
  • UV Test Report By SGS
  • Bespoke Class B Flame Retardant
  • MOQ: 800 Pieces
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Faux Privacy Hedge Screen A010

Faux Privacy Hedge Screen

  • Model: A010
  • Greenery Wall Backdrop Decor
  • Customized Flame Resistant
  • UV-engineered to Avoid Fading
  • MOQ: 800 Pieces
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Faux Greenery Panels A029

Faux Greenery Panels

  • Model: A029
  • High Density Fresh PE
  • 3-5 Years Warranty
  • Easy to Install&Maintain
  • MOQ: 800 Pieces
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Artificial Hedge Wall Covering A038

Artificial Hedge Wall Covering

  • Model: A038
  • Long and Sprawling Leaves
  • Sound Diffuser Privacy Hedge
  • Treated With IFR Material
  • MOQ: 800 Pieces
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Artificial Hedging Mats A096 G

Artificial Hedging Mats Screening

  • Model: A096 G
  • Easy Snap-to-lock Mat
  • Cut to Fit Different Sizes
  • Ideal for Indoor&Outdoor Uses
  • MOQ: 800 Pieces
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Fake Garden Wall Hedge A135

Fake Instant Garden Wall Hedge

  • Model: A135
  • Perfect Garden Screen
  • UV Protection Against Fading
  • Indoor Class B Flame Retardant
  • MOQ: 800 Pieces
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Artificial Hedge Panel Mixed Plants A142

Artificial Hedge Panel Mixed Plants

  • Model: A142
  • Realistic Looking Foliage
  • Easy-to-diy Panels
  • UV & IFR Technology
  • MOQ: 800 Pieces
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Artificial Hedge Screening A149

Artificial Hedge Screening A149

  • Material: 100% fresh new LDPE
  • WARRANTY: Outdoor 3 years; indoor 5 years
  • Certificate: BSCI/REACH/EN71-3
  • Packaging: Stardand export carton
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Artificial Hedges for Outdoors A150

Artificial Hedges for Outdoors A150

  • Material: 100% fresh new LDPE
  • WARRANTY: Outdoor 3 years; indoor 5 years
  • Certificate: BSCI/REACH/EN71-3
  • Packaging: Stardand export carton
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Artificial Hedge Panels A151

Artificial Hedge Panels A151

  • WARRANTY: Outdoor 3 years; indoor 5 years
  • Certificate: BSCI/REACH/EN71-3
  • Packaging: Stardand export carton
  • MOQ:500 pieces
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Artificial Hedge Fence Screen A078

Artificial Hedge Fence Screen A078

  • Material: 100% fresh new LDPE
  • WARRANTY: Outdoor 3 years; indoor 5 years
  • Certificate: BSCI/REACH/EN71-3
  • Packaging: Stardand export carton
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Sunwing possesses mature technology for manufacturing anti-UV and flame-retardant artificial plants. We have cooperated with customers from more than 50 countries including the United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, etc.


UV Resistant hedge panels

We add a premium grade chemical stabiliser, absorber and/ or blocker during the manufacturing stage, The whole plants are referred to as inherently UV protected.

B Grade Fire Retardant

B Grade Fire Retardant

Sunwing SGS fire retardant test is conducted as per EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 fire classification of construction products and building elements.

High and Low Temperature Resistance

High and Low Temperature Resistance

High and Low Temperature Resistance And Not Fade Artificial Fence.It can not only resist cold weather and snowy conditions but also holds up to the sun and heat.

Lifelike artificial leaves

Lifelike Leaves

Lifelike leaves from Sunwing™ foliage, Realistic & Thick Artificial Hedge Boxwood Panels as the #1 artificial hedges in the market. This artificial plant/foliage wall panel provides a realistic look and feels without all work of live plants.



Artificial hedges and their different types are quite popular because they are suitable for residential and commercial purposes. Sunwing is a well-reputed company known for manufacturing hedges panels and hedges in planters using only high-quality polyethylene material. At Sunwing, we use different leaves like pine leaves, fern leaves, gold leaves, etc. for customizing hedges panels.

Sunwing always prioritizes privacy and hence provides different types of hedges in planters. Plus, we provide both hedges panels and hedges in planters in various materials like wood, PVC, cast stone, etc. We also offer hedges in planters in different styles like fresh style, classic style, modern style, tropical style, etc.


sunwing artificial hedges




Artificial Hedge Quick Advantages


1. Multiple Sizes Available. Our artificial hedge mats can simply be sectioned together. The regular size of each panel is 50 x 50 cm, with the hole and the pin that can joint together. We will connect panels to form a roll before shipping if you need larger ones.

2. 3-5 Years Warranty. Let the Sun Shine! Sunwing UV Resistant Artificial Hedges are made for harsh environments like strong sun exposure. We insert high-quality UV addictive into our foliages used for hedges, which has a 3-year guarantee indoors and 5-years indoors.

3. Bespoke Flame Retardant. All our fire retardant faux hedges & artificial plants have to pass the National Fire Prevention Association 701 test. Unlike those artificial hedges which only have IFR artificial foliage, we are able to provide artificial hedging with level B Inherent flame retardant treated artificial foliages, stems, and branches.


Artificial Hedge Key Features


Diverse Leaves Options– We use fern leaves, pine leaves, laurel leaves, and many more while developing the hedges. Hence, we can even use specific leaves as per your requirements.

Customization– Sunwing always prioritizes clients’ requirements and ready to offer customized hedges panels. You determine your needs; our dedicated worker will fulfill them.

Less Maintenance– Our hedges are made from high-quality materials; hence, minimal maintenance is required. Hedges designed by us will last for decades.


If you have some artificial hedges panel requirements, feel free to contact us and become our global partner!

Artificial Hedges Production & Delivery

Sunwing continue to innovate in our industry, designing the most Botanically accurate, safest, and most durable replica greenery product. We inspect and test the entire process of quality control. In addition, we offer a 3-5 years Warranty for compliance.

Supply Ability: 10000 Square Meter/Per Month
Packaging Details: Standard Export Packaging
Lead Time: 15-45 days
Product Certifications: SGS

Outdoor & Indoor Artificial Hedges

Artificial hedges can be applied in commercial and residential areas for decoration or privacy protection. High-quality & life-like artificial hedges come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors.

Sunwing supplies only High-Quality Artificial Hedging. Our hedging has UV stabilizers added to protect them against the heat of the sun. Whether for outdoor or indoor applications, our healthy artificial hedges products allow you to enjoy the beautiful space fully.

Artificial Hedges Wholesale

Sunwing Industries Ltd., is an artificial hedges manufacturer / Producer founded in 2000, which operates in the Artificial plants' industry. It also works in the artificial grass, artificial trees, and artificial potted plants industries.

As a wholesale company of artificial hedges, and We only sell business to business. Our most significant customers are Artificial Turf Dealers, Artificial Hedges Wholesalers, Artificial Flower Distributors, Artificial Plant Importers, Artificial Tree retailers, and so on in the artificial landscape industry and home furnishing stores, Projects Company, Garden Centers.


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