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Sunwing specializes in manufacturing and supplying artificial sports grass. UV Stabilized. Waterproof. Flame retardant.

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Sports Grass Factory-direct

    Started in 2004, Sunwing has developed into a top-notch artificial grass supplier in the industry equipped with 9 sets of domestic machines and a 4-meter COBBLE machine with a production of 5000-7000sqm artificial turf grasses per day.
  • Supply Ability: 150000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month
  • Certificate: SGS Heavy Metal Free, SGS UV Resistant Test Report, SGS Fire Retardant Test Report
  • Factory Area: 8600 Square Meters
  • Packing: PP BALE; Transparent Film
  • Lead Time: Est. Time(days) 30
  • MOQ: 1000 Square Meter/Square Meters

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Artificial Sports Grass Exhibitions

We have great ambition and responsibility to supply high-quality artificial sports lawns in the world. So we have established a long-term relationship with main customers relevant to Sports Clubs, Wholesalers, Dealers, Stockists, Universities, Properties, Sports Management from over 50 countries.

As the premier synthetic grass manufacturer, Sunwing has participated in fairs at home and abroad such as French Spoga, Germany Domotex, Japan Diy, Japan Gardex, American National Hardware Show, etc. If you’d like to work together with Sunwing or join our distributor program, welcome to inquiry our friendly team.

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artificial lawn golf

Artificial Turf Grass

  • Style No.: PE160531EDC-5
  • Fiber Composition: Polyethylene (PE)
  • Yarn Shape: Curved
  • Pile Height(mm): 16
  • Gauge (inch): 5/32"
  • Stitches Rate(Per 10cm): 31
  • Tufts Density/sqm: 78110
  • Grass Life : 5-7 years
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artificial sports grass basketball

Artificial Sports Grass

  • Style No.: PE100525EW-1
  • Fiber Composition: Polyethylene (PE)
  • Yarn Shape: Fibrillated
  • Pile Height(mm): 10
  • Gauge (inch): 5/32"
  • Stitches Rate(Per 10cm): 25
  • Tufts Density/sqm: 63000
  • Grass Life : 5-7 years
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artificial sports grass football

Faux Turf

  • Style No.: PPE301218DQ1-7
  • Straight Pile: Polyethylene (PE)
  • Curved Pile: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Yarn Shape: Flat
  • Pile Height(mm): 30
  • Gauge (inch): 3/8"
  • Stitches Rate(Per 10cm): 18
  • Tufts Density/sqm: 18900
  • Grass Life : 5-7 years
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artificial turf baseball

Sports Artificial Grass

  • Style No.: PE502420ED-52
  • Fiber Composition: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Yarn Shape: Fibrillated
  • Pile Height(mm): 7
  • Gauge (inch): 5/32"
  • Stitches Rate(Per 10cm): 26
  • Tufts Density/sqm: 65512
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Sunwing takes the ownership of more than one factory to produce the line of artificial sports grass other than landscape grass. We have a specialized design team for the sake of product research and development.

waterproof sports turf


The premium sports turf protects athletes from slipping down due to the moist and mud if it rains in the middle of a race.

uv resistance

UV Resistant

Artificial lawns for sports perform well during the exterior sunlight for years to come as they are made with anti-UV ingredients.

flame retardant

Flame Retardant

Whether indoors and outdoors, FR sports grass minimizes the possibility of arising fire even if there’s a flame.

long lifespan

Long Lifespan

Made With fresh polyethylene materials, the grass is suitable for playing sports on for high frequency.


The artificial sports grass comes in wide applications for sports surfaces, for instance, football/soccer field, golf course, hockey ground, tennis court, etc. Fibrillated sport grass and monofilament sport grass are the two main product lines of our turfgrass.

With a dedicated professional team, we can provide the following information and services:

1) Mass production capacity.

2) Information and recommendations for hot sellers and the latest items.

3) Questions about orders and shipping.

4) Free samples and minimum order accepted.

Artificial Sports Grass Quick Advantages


artificial turf feature

Safty. In case of sudden rain during a sports competition, our plastic grass is designed to protect players from falling down upon the ground.

Friction Resistant. Even if our lawn is used frequently, it can remain intact without being damaged.

Economically Efficient. You can save maintenance costs when it comes to replanting grass, watering, and mowing, while artificial sports grass does not need these steps.

Impressive Aesthetic Looking. As the sports artificial grass supplier, Sunwing has a professional team of designers, and the products designed are beautiful, aesthetic, and satisfying in terms of color and style. We provide customization for faux grass according to specific requirements of color or style, which can increase the aesthetic effect.

Friendly to the Environment. Artificial turf does not need watering, fertilizer, and carbon emissions, so it’s easy to maintain and conducive to environmental protection.

Artificial Sports Grass Key Highlights

UV Resistance – Even if exposed to intense sunlight, the natural-looking turf stays green and won’t fade or die all year round.

Long-lasting – No matter in what kind of climate, our artificial sports grass is durable and requires little maintenance, saving your pocket in the long run

Customized Design – In addition to an authentic synthetic grass manufacturer, we can offer the sports court design you may need.

Welcome to turn to our Online Customer Support or contact us by sending a message as long as you have anything for help.

Artificial Grass for Sports Installation

  1. Calculate and design how to put turf rolls
  2. Remove or dispose the sub- base
  3. Prepare the active drainage
  4. Draw lines
  5. If necessary, cut the artificial straw roll into the right size, and then lay it well
  6. Cut white lines
  7. Join the rolls with glue & joint tape
  8. Cut the green grass into white lines
  9. Trim grass edges and deal with possible wrinkles
  10. Apply the infill. Spread the quartz sand and rubber granule evenly to make sure the artificial grass field performs well.
  11. Installation completed.

Artificial Sports Grass for Baseball/Cricket

It’s an effective solution to applying weather-resistant and no upkeep fake grass for the baseball field.
For baseball and cricket fields, sport artificial grass has stable performance in bouncing and rolling as well as a fresh feeling of playing.

  • All-weather allowed. People can play baseball or cricket on the artificial lawn in any weather condition throughout the year.
  • Low impact. Artificial sports grass can reduce the impact on joints and muscles.
  • Minimal maintenance. Once installed, there’s almost no additional maintenance.
  • Durable and long-lasting. The artificial turf used in baseball fields is abrasion-resistant and can retain its original color for many years.

  • Artificial Football Turf

    Sunwing builds a lightweight sports field system to replicate the feel and performance of traditional moving surfaces.
    The football pitch or soccer field covered by artificial sports grass makes it a fresh and excellent experience for players. As an artificial grass supplier with over 15 years’ experience, we supply certified artificial turf lawns with the following features.

  • Field features: certified quality assurance, long service life; ensure player safety with good shock absorption capacity; low maintenance cost.
  • Application: Suitable for indoor & outdoor, professional & amateur football field.
  • Performance: no dead angle. No bad bounces.


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