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Artificial Christmas Trees or Real Christmas Trees?

When Christmas is just around the corner, you start to think of ways to ensure you get the best out of the festive season and be able to enjoy it freely with your friends and family. One question that pops into your thoughts during this period is whether you should go for an artificial Christmas tree or a real Christmas tree? Correct? I know; we’ve all been there.

So, to give you a clear picture of both, let’s look into every aspect of an artificial and a real Christmas tree that would help you decide on the one best suited to you and your space.


1. Real Christmas Trees


Conifers such as pine, fir, or spruce are called real Christmas trees. These trees need an estimate of 10-12 years to grow into 6 feet, which then acts as a habitat for wildlife. Real Christmas trees either come in pots or are cut down from the trees. In either case, the tree requires care and proper placement to make it last longer.

real christmas tree


Pros of a real Christmas tree 

A real Christmas tree is beneficial for both humans and the environment according to the following listed reasons:

  1. It fills an abode with a natural smell of pine
  2. Recyclable and biodegradable so it would not end up in landfills
  3. Trap carbon dioxide from the air and convert it into oxygen


Cons of a live Christmas tree 

A live Christmas tree has the following drawbacks:

  1. Costly as you have to purchase it for every Christmas
  2. Require maintenance such as watering and trimming, to keep it fresh for the season
  3. It can invite insects, and mold or fungus can grow on it

cons of real trees


Where to get a real Christmas tree? 


Christmas trees do not come directly from forests. Instead, they are grown like any other crop. So, farmers sometimes use excessive pesticides on these trees to preserve them from pests. Therefore, whenever you want to buy a real Christmas tree, get it from a local organic, independent seller or a farm shop as they avoid the usage of pesticides on their pine trees.

One more thing to make sure of is that you should get a Christmas tree that is cut down recently to maintain its freshness for the time required.


2. Artificial Christmas Trees 


Moving on, let’s discuss why artificial Christmas trees are gaining popularity over the years and their usage has also accelerated among folks.

artificial christmas tree


What is an artificial Xmas tree?

An artificial Christmas tree comes from artificial fir or pine tree. It is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Besides, aluminum Christmas trees and fiber optic illuminated Christmas trees are also available.


How is an artificial Christmas tree made?

Fake Christmas trees are produced in several simple steps:

  1. The process begins with forming steel arcs that are then joined to form the base, followed by welding vertical supports to the arcs.
  2. The welded metal is further sprayed with polyester powder to give it a smooth finishing.
  3. Green PVC plastic rolls are passed through a roller that cuts them into blades and white latex paint is given to the PVC needles to make them appear snow-tipped.
  4. The artificial foliage is fastened together and string lights are added to it.
  5. In the end, the faux foliage with added string lights is attached to the steel frame and the result is a faux Christmas tree.



Pros of a fake Christmas tree

The advantages of a fake Christmas tree are as follows:

  1. Require little to no maintenance
  2. Wallet-friendly as it is reusable for up to several years
  3. Fire retardant so will not catch fire when string lights are attached to it


Cons of buying faux Christmas tree 

The following shortcomings come with a faux Christmas tree:

  1. Cause an increase in carbon footprint
  2. Color fade over time
  3. PVC and other chemicals are detrimental to human health and the environment


Where to get artificial Christmas trees?

You can purchase a faux Christmas tree from any of the below places:

  1. From a factory
  2. From a distributor or wholesaler
  3. From online vendors or Amazon


Sunwing is a faux plants and trees factory in China that manufactures and exports faux Christmas trees to wholesalers and online vendors worldwide and is a trusted seller in the industry.


How to Keep Artificial Xmas Trees?


Your responsibility does not come to an end by only purchasing a faux Xmas tree. If you want your faux tree to help in the long run, make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Detach the lights from your tree if any followed by the disassembling of the tree into its respective sections.
  2. Now, use a zip-up bag and carefully place all the parts in it and then place it in the box in which the tree came in.
  3. The zip-up bag would help to keep moisture, pests, and rodents away from the tree which cannot be achieved simply with a box.
  4. Next, store the box in a cool and dry place so the tree does not smell damp when you take it out for use in the coming year.
  5. Lastly, use kitchen items like bicarbonate of soda and unused coffee grounds to make the tree smell more festive.




Christmas seems incomplete without a proper Christmas tree whether it is a real or a synthetic one. But, the Christmas trees of Sunwing give an experience similar to that of natural trees as their leaves are made from fresh PE (polyethylene), and the trunk is of fiberglass with a steel structure.

So, why invest in a real tree that has to be thrown every year after use when you can switch to a faux Christmas tree from Sunwing that has a longer lifespan and does not fade when exposed to UV light outdoors. Also, the artificial Christmas tree is recyclable and thus safe for you, your pets, and the ecosystem.

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