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5 Steps To Create Your Moss Wall

Recently, a moss wall decorated with either preserved moss or living moss, or a combination of the two is increasingly becoming a very popular option for interior designers. If you also focus on this trend and are ready to use moss wall art to create stunning landscape projects or bring more value to your moss business, then read on the following five steps.


Step 1. Decide Where You Want To Build The Moss Wall

Before you create moss walls, you have to draw out a proper plan:

  • Indoor or Outdoor Moss Wall?

It means that you should pay attention to ensure you buy the right products for the right places. For example, preserved moss may not be suitable for the outdoors unless you are a specialist or architect.

Here’s a sneak peek of a retail store project done in Singapore by Sunwing reindeer moss. Moss walls are a popular feature in our interior projects that can provide everyone a beautiful and healthy environment.

reindeer moss project

  • Large or Small Size Project?

There is no limit to how big you make your wall. You can measure the specific area where you would like to cover the moss. Sunwing moss walls come in nearly any size or shape due to the versatility of moss. Our team will give you a one-stop guide through the process.


Step 2. Consider Which Type Of Moss Wall You Need

Living moss walls and preserved moss walls fully play interior design with their own characteristics. You need to consider what type of moss wall you need, living, preserved, or framed. Besides, the artificial vertical garden wall mixed with moss is displaying as a rising star in interior design.

Living Moss Wall

Living Moss Wall

Living moss walls consist of moss panels fixed on structures that can be both free-standing and attached to walls. We don’t advise you to use living moss in contrast to other types for indoors because the moss on the wall needs constant moisture to keep alive and maintain.

What are the Benefits of Living Walls?

  • Reduce carbon dioxide levels
  • Expel fresh and clean oxygen
  • Help dampen noise
  • Promote physical & mental health
  • Cool structures in summer; protect structures in winter


Preserved Moss Wall

Preserved moss is obtained by growing and then drying natural moss to keep the moss as it was at its most vibrant. After preservation, artists and installation experts apply the moss in a custom design.

Here we invite you watch this video ⇓


The great thing about preserved moss is that:

a. You have many varieties and colors to choose from.

b. They require no maintenance, no watering, no particular sunlight.


There are four types of preserved moss used in moss walls:

preserved moss

  • Reindeer Moss

As a matter of fact, reindeer moss is a lichen growing in arctic lands. When moss firstly dries out, it will get hard and turn brown, which means dormancy. It is resistant to cold and does not grow roots. In most common uses, reindeer moss wholesale can be purchased in up to 10 colors, from cool colors to warm colors.

  • Mood Moss

It grows in thick, large clumps and gets its name by the temperamental appearance. Fresh mood moss needs bright light when growing indoors. To preserved mood moss, you may have seen a few displays in high-end hotels, residences, restaurants, gyms, or even pools.

  • Sheet Moss

This type of carpet moss grows to form a sheet-like coverage over rocks and soil. You can find this moss on many moss walls for home decor, commercial projects, and some other special events.

  • Fern Moss

“Fern moss may refer to several varieties of moss that produce feathery fronds and can form a moss carpet across grass or bare patches of ground.” (from Wikipedia) Preserved fern moss is made out of real moss and will keep its freshness for several years.


Differences between Preserved Moss Walls & Living Walls

  • Living walls are tied to the plant cultivation system, whereas the moss wall is not.
  • Preserved moss walls are cheaper compared to living walls.
  • Preserved moss walls do not require the daily maintenance that living walls need.
  • Preserved moss walls have a lighter weight than living walls.


Framed Moss Wall

framed moss wall

The lush green preserved moss integrates with the frame, perfectly functions as a work of art.  After cleaning and selecting the collected moss, we at Sunwing get a fluffy and soft finished product through dehydration and dyeing and fix it in an exquisite photo frame to enhance its viewing.


Step 3. Select Your Moss Style Using Different Colors

Color is an important element of moss design. Don’t be confused about whether a pure or mixing color will be better because it’s just a matter of taste.

Preserved Moss Wall in Pure Color

preserved moss wall

This kind of unicolor moss wall is the most popular design for both residential and commercial applications. The connected moss panels add simplicity and brightness to the whole environment.


Colorful Reindeer Lichen Moss

colorful reindeer lichen

Using professional reactive dyes, we can provide lichen moss in 10 standard colors such as green, yellow, blue, and red, which can meet most ordinary users’ needs. Even if you do not have a green thumb, turn to Sunwing One-stop Service, including Design, Layout, and Marketing.


Why Choose Sunwing Moss Supplier?

Sunwing is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of reindeer moss, preserved moss, and other moss wall products.

  • Preserved moss bulk available
  • Manufacture 20+ category
  • Export to 50+ countries
  • Bespoke colors & sizes
  • Support DIY designed moss in frames


Step 4. Install Indoor & Outdoor Moss Walls

The easiest way to make a moss wall is to buy custom-sized moss panels and then arrange them in the design or shape wanted.

We mainly offer two kinds of moss panels:
#1. PVC moss mats- Super soft and easy to install on floors for decorations.
#2. Wooden moss panels- Prevent deformations in long-time applications.

two kinds of moss panels

If you have read this installation guide to artificial hedges, then moss installation is effortless for you. Please note that your tools are ready before installation, like a scissor, hand tape, zip tie, nail gun, etc.

Whether you are planning on building an indoor or outdoor moss wall, the installation instructions are the same:

moss walls installation


  • Firstly, measure the wall size with hand tape and work out the exact quantity of moss panels.
  • Secondly, fix the four corners and center of each moss with a nail gun.
  • At last, use the cold separation of the hairdryer to remove dust.


Step 5. Take Care Of Moss Wall Art

The best thing about it is you don’t have to worry about maintaining it frequently!

Preserved moss walls are so EASY to maintain!

While you won’t have to spend a lot of time on your moss wall once it’s installed, just remember these tips for caring for it ⇓

  • Keep the moss away from radiators and heaters.
  • Do not leave the moss exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Blow off dust with cold air from a hairdryer.
  • Give moss walls a non-toxic preservative once a year to further their life.


Hope this article can help you decide to create your own or purchase moss wall panels to install. Be sure to contact us to get your moss wall started!



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