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2022 New Upgrade Expandable Faux Privacy Fence


Are you considering secluding your patio, yard, or porch so that you can spend your mornings and afternoons in peace, isolated from all the hustle? You can do so by installing an expandable faux privacy fence. Before discussing its different types, lets briefly explain the term expandable faux privacy fence. 

various types of artificial fence


What Is Expandable Faux Privacy Fence? 


The term expandable faux privacy fence refers to a fence that can be molded according to one’s needs. It differs from the normal fence in terms of its ability to stretch and contract accordingly. The major purpose of an expandable faux privacy fence is the provision of privacy without the need to build a real fence. 


Why Upgrade Expandable Faux Privacy Fence Is Popular? 


Although there are numerous reasons for its high demand, few are discussed down below: 

• Adjustable depending on your needs  

• Do not require an unoccupied place for installation, it can be added to a structure priorly constructed through zip ties

• Require minimal maintenance 


expandable faux leaves fence


6 Best Choice Expandable Faux Privacy Fences 


Among the different choices available, let’s throw light on the most in-demand expandable faux privacy fences:

1. Expandable Fence Privacy Screen for Balcony Patio Outdoor

The expandable fence privacy screen is manufactured from real woods. It consists of artificial leaves thus giving a realistic appearance. It would perfectly go with your patio, balcony, garden, deck, etc. The major benefit of this privacy screen is its ability to resist UV rays thus preventing the fading away of color.
In terms of maintenance, it only needs to be flushed with water hence lasting for a whole year. For installation, it requires some zip ties.

expandable Fence Privacy Screen


2. BYBAG Expandable Faux Ivy Privacy Fence Screen

Available in various colors, it is produced from natural willow wicker and artificial leaves. Along with these raw materials, it also consists of polyethylene thus making it water and UV resistant. This ivy screen also lasts for about a year.
It can be used to wrap lights during festivities, hence acting as décor. It can be maintained easily by water and proven safe for kids, pets, and most importantly, the environment.


3. Single Side Expandable Faux Artificial Ivy Fencing

This artificial ivy fence proves to be the perfect choice for a garden, any abandoned wall, backyard, or porch and elevates the overall look of any place. The leaves give out a lively appearance. The leaves are made UV resistant thus remaining fresh and green.
It can also be used as a separator inside a house to provide privacy.

artificial ivy fence decor


4. Artificial Leaf Faux Ivy Expandable/Stretchable Privacy Fence Screen

This screen is also constructed from natural woods and real-looking artificial leaves. As it consists of polyethylene, it possesses the ability to resist UV rays thus remaining green throughout the year.
Moreover, it can be kept intact by simply providing it with water. Being ecofriendly, it is widely used for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It comes with a bamboo backing that serves the purpose of attaching it to any surface.

Stretchable Privacy Fence Screen


5. Expandable Artificial Trellis with PE Foliage

It is formulated from grid trellis and botanical ivy foliage. Being UV resistant, they can be used in interior as well as exterior spaces. This can last longer than the other options as it consists of 100% fresh PE (polyethylene.)
Pet owners need not worry as it does not consist of any harmful material and is proven vital to the environment.


6. Artificial Lattice with Silk Leaves Privacy Fence Screen 

It is made from silk and willow giving the leaves a soft texture. It can be considered for decorating walls and gardens as it comes with LED lights embedded in the leaves serving the purpose to light up your wall and garden at night thus giving aesthetic vibes.
It is also formed in a way that it resists sunlight and water and requires low maintenance. It can last for a period of about 2 to 3 years.
To make it look more appealing, silk flowers of various colors can be added to it which would make the already mesmerizing scenery even more captivating.


Top 7 Expandable Faux Privacy Fence Ideas 

expandable faux fence ideas


If the thought of using the same artificial leaves over and over seems boring, you can use the following ideas to bring about a change in your previous expandable faux privacy fence. It can be upgraded by using varied flowers and leaves and that too in several different colors, hence giving your space an utterly new look. Although numerous things could be used along with the faux fence, we will only list 7 such things:

1. Expandable privacy panels with purple flowers and green leaves
2. Expandable faux privacy fence with yellow-tinged leaves
3. Red expandable faux maple privacy fence
4. Light containing expandable faux privacy fence
5. Faux ficus privacy fence
6. Faux privacy screen with sweet potato leaves
7. Expandable faux privacy fence with artificial laurel leaves


How to Install Expandable Faux Privacy Fence? 

how to install artificial fence

Following steps are followed while installing an expandable faux privacy fence:
1. Measure the space in which the faux fence is to be installed
2. Build a frame using wood sticks and coat it to protect it
3. Next step would be cutting plywood, cut it in a way that it perfectly fits the frame
4. Painting the plywood green to give out a more natural look
5. Moving on attach the plywood with the frame using a screwdriver
6. Construct a layout of the fence of your choice on the plywood then stick them using a stapler
7. Last but not least, attach it to your fence


FAQs about Expandable Fence Privacy Screen? 

FAQs about Expandable Fence Privacy Screen


Q1. How long does faux privacy expandable fence last in all weather?
A: It would not cause any problem in any weather as it is artificial and unlike real leaves that fade with exposure to sunlight, these artificial leaves remain unaffected as they are made UV resistant.

Q2. Will this work for the lower part of the fence?
A: Thinking about the lower part of the fence, I don’t think it would be a problem. You can simply attach it to the fence using zip ties.

Q3. Do the leaves seem like they can hold up in a windy area?
A: Since the leaves are not real, they can withstand harsh weather conditions. Natural leaves fall off when there is wind but artificial ones remain intact independent of the weather.

Q4. Are these privacy hedge fences easily cleanable year to year?
A: Unlike natural fences that need proper maintenance, artificial fences require low maintenance. They can be cleaned very easily by splashing water on the fences.

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These days people prefer things that are easily maintained and do not engulf much of your time. For this sake, an expandable faux privacy fence has come to the rescue. These artificial fences from professional artificial plant manufacturers would not only provide safety and security but also amplify the beauty of your humble accommodation many times making it top-notch. Moreover, these privacy fences are eco-friendly. Therefore, they do not add up waste to the ecosystem.

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